A photo of a father and his children, which was taken in Denmark last year, is making its way overseas because of what the oldest son is doing for his newest sibling.

According to NINO Birth, Sweden leads the way in making skin-to-skin contact a “family-friendly” event, and in the photo big brother is eager to partake.

It is believed that premature babies who weigh at least 1.6 pounds are better off getting heat by laying on their father’s, and in this case big brother’s, chest instead of being kept inside an incubator.

Skin to Skin Contact is not "new",but Sweden certainly leads the way in making this care family -friendly even for very…

Posted by NINO Birth on Saturday, May 14, 2016

Uwe Ewald, a Swedish professor, says that a parent’s chest regulates heat better than an incubator.

“Skin-to-skin contact helps the baby to breathe better. The child becomes more calm and gains weight faster. Research shows that a parent’s bacterial flora — compared with hospital bacteria — reduces the risk of serious infections in these delicate children.”

As the Cleveland Clinic reports, skin-to-skin contact to help ailing infants is often called Kangaroo Care. Like Professor Ewald suggests, Kangaroo Care leads to earlier hospital release, decreased crying, and an increase in sleep time.

But as this big brother demonstrates in the photo, it’s not just parents who can help an infant thrive.

It looks like these twins have quite the protector.

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