Eyewitnesses captured a picture of a gold cross gleaming through the smoldering ashes inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

People said it’s quite a sight to behold amongst the terrible tragedy caused by a devasting fire.

BBC reports, one of the world’s famed cathedrals was accidentally destroyed by a massive inferno on Monday evening local time.

Officials reported that the cause of the fire could be linked to the renovation project of the 850-year-old Gothic building.

Meanwhile, fire officials have not determined what sparked the blaze that severely damaged the spire and roof of France’s most famous landmark.

On Monday night and early Tuesday morning, however, thousands of people on the streets surrounded the cathedral as fire crews extinguished flames, among the ruins was a shining cross to inspire the country as churchgoers celebrate Holy Week.

Following the devastation, someone captured a photo of the cross still standing and brightly shining through the smoke and ashes from the fire and shared it on social media.

One person said on Twitter:

I know not everyone is religious but to see this cross still shining inside Notre Dame Cathedral after the fire died down brought tears to my eyes.

Another person wrote:

I’m not religious at all, but its a beautiful sight even as someone who doesn’t believe. I’m so happy that this site that is a wonder for someone like me, and a part of someone’s faith still shines on. Don’t have to be religious to see the beautiful imagery of this.

A Daily Mail reporter, who was among the first to witness the damages, said the Notre Dame Cathedral is not completely destroyed, but it was miraculous the cross and altar managed to survive the blaze.

People around Paris gathered near the cathedral on Monday to sing and pray.

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