Laundry-doers everywhere have struggled over the daunting task of folding their fitted sheets.

The curved, elastic corners make it difficult to fold, resulting in oblong, awkwardly folded shapes that barely resemble a rectangle. Not to mention, a ton of frustration.

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Jill Cooper from “Living on a Dime,” a site with home hacks and tips for frugal living, provides the answer to your prayers. In a video, Cooper explains how to fold a fitted sheet into a perfectly formed rectangle.

According to Cooper, her method doesn’t take any additional time or effort. To start, Cooper suggests finding a flat surface to work on, like a table or counter.

Living on a Dime/YouTube

Hold the fitted sheet lengthwise, then tuck each of the corners into the other.

Living on a Dime/YouTube

Straighten the slack and then bring it over to the flat surface. Then fold the sheet in thirds until it forms a rectangle.

Living on a Dime/YouTube

Voilà! Your days of fitted sheet frustration are over. Good luck using Cooper’s method — you can watch her video below for reference:

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