Jill Dillard is the latest of the Duggar family members to surprise fans by living their lives by their own rules.

Months ago, Jill’s younger sister, Jinger Vuolo made headlines after multiple photos of her wearing pants surfaced — something the Duggar girls weren’t allowed to do while living in their parents’ home.

Now, Jill is the one “shocking” her followers with a photo showing a new nose piercing:

Jill Dillard/Instagram

And another showing a large henna tattoo on her hand:

Jill Dillard/Instagram

Along with the photo, Jill wrote on Instagram:

#bathtime for Sam was on my to-do list today! lol Anyone else write little things down (yes, even after you’ve already done them! Ha!) so you can cross them off and feel a sense of accomplishment?! #lovemyboys #towelbaby #henna

Both the temporary henna tattoo and the nose ring, which she revealed on November 27, sparked quite the uproar.

Some of her followers even questioned whether her husband, Derick Dillard, is supportive of this “rebellious” side of her:

“So is your husband passing judgment on you for your Henna Tattoo, that’s not Godly.”

“Her husband doesn’t rule over her very well?”

“Nose ring?! Isn’t that not allowed in your family?”

“Shocking on the henna. Remember little ones are watching u not to mention all ur fans.”

“Did all the money from grifting pay for your nose piercing? What a f****** low life.”

“Nose piercing? I’m surprised that’s allowed for them. I don’t mean that harsh but they are really good about being modest and not flashy in how they dress.”

“They cant wear pants or have ear piercings, but they can have nose rings?”

“A nose ring on a Dugger?”

Earlier in November, fans accused Jill of posting photos to distract the media from her husband’s recent feud with TLC reality TV star, Jazz Jennings.

He was fired from TLC as a result.

Could her latest photos be additional attempts at distraction?

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