Most of us are familiar with the search engine that solves, well, almost everything for us — Google. But it seems alternative-search website Bing has been attracting some attention to its site for some big reasons.

Earlier Thursday morning, internet users peeped something different on Bing’s background image, which shuffles each day. Upon further sleuthing, and liberal use of the zoom feature, people saw what seemed to be a peculiar pecker drawn into the sand.

Yes, that’s right. An artistic phallic rendering was etched into the background of what Gizmodo claims to be an aerial photo of Zlatni Rat Beach on Brač Island.


Can you see it? Let’s take a closer look.

A bit of a flub, no?

It seems like Bing has Photoshopped the member out of the image, but that didn’t stop Twitter users from having a field day with the larger-than-life depiction:

Hey — that’s one way to get people to stop using Google, even for a moment. We’re sure next time, the staff over at Microsoft will take a more careful look.

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