Kay Jewelers has designed a diamond ring that is being sold for $24.99, and people definitely have strong feelings about it.

In a photo of an advertisement that has gone viral, a surprising number of people have commented that it is perfectly reasonable to buy someone an inexpensive ring:

And one woman’s rant on Facebook Live also went viral, chiding people for potentially not being happy with receiving a cheaper ring.

However, others criticized the prospect of a $24.99 engagement ring:

And others felt that because of the quality of an inexpensive ring, it simply would not stand the test of time:

One woman felt like the purpose of the post was to shame women and men who are able to afford a more expensive ring:

But a Facebook user by the name of Renee Estella Russell may have had the last word on the matter; she posted a strong message for anyone who mocks or looks down on someone with an inexpensive engagement ring.

She wrote:

Every woman is different and that’s okayyy…there have been a lot of posts circulating about a ring at Kay jewelers for an engagement ring for $24.99 and some of the opinions have offended a few couples that decided to buy the ring…..??‍♀️what works for you and YOUR MAN is YOUR BUSINESS. Worrying about what others think about ….IS GOING TO EXHAUST YOU. I applaud anyone who does what makes them happy regardless of the circumstances. I certainly don’t think I need to add what’s really important. From experience, my husband proposed with NO RING just his word which was all WE needed, that’s the kind of love I needed and the kind he was looking for. I been there before….had big rings ? no shade to my ex husband I have nothing ill to speak on him …we share a great relationship co parenting. However, when the dust settles the ring, the idea, the price tag will all be there….will you?! Let’s stop allowing materialism to undermine our thinking in acts of genuine love. Some miss out on something sooooo amazing !! I feel so blessed and thankful for my husband! Nothing is perfect, hang it up??but when you know, you know and don’t allow the presence of one thing to cloud your better judgement. Btw, I have a beautiful ruby solitaire now which signifies pure love and loyalty and this is all we need and all we got with or without the ring! Peace, love and light!

Another woman, Kendra Chantel, had a similar message:

She wrote:

I’m sooo tired seeing these pictures with captions downing people because they got engaged on Christmas insinuating that they bought one of these rings, or talking bad about people who don’t buy expensive ENGAGEMENT rings.

First of all, y’all are missing the whole concept. Since when did the price of a ring determine how much you love a person?

Not everyone can afford expensive engagement rings. And not everyone wants to invest in something too expensive when they still have to live, finance a wedding, honey moon, buy a house, etc

Y’all let social media and society period ruin everything. Buy me a $25 engagement ring and I’ll rock tf out of it too. The fact that you love me enough to want to spend the rest of your life with me is enough for me. Some of you are rocking $5k rings and still getting cheated on. Meanwhile the girl with the $25 engagement ring is loved by a great man, living a great life. I say that to say this: The value of your ring doesn’t determine how much he loves you, how good of a man or provider he will be. But hey it’s just my opinion. Y’all do what you want. But let those who wish to accept an inexpensive ring be great. Okay now follow me on IG @kay_xxviii 

No consensus was made over whether or not it is acceptable for someone to offer such an inexpensive engagement ring.

However, most of the people who commented seemed to agree that what was most important of all was the sentiment behind the ring— and what it represents to a woman about to enter the most significant relationship of her life.

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