On Nov. 30, 2013, actor Paul Walker Jr., best known for his role in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, was attending his charity event for typhoon victims when he decided to test drive a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT with a friend, 38-year-old Roger Rodas.

According to reports, Rodas was driving while Paul sat in the passenger seat.

Paul Walker/Instagram

The vehicle in which they were driving crashed into a concrete lamp post at more than 85 mph in a 45 mph speed zone. As a result of the impact, the Porsche burst into flames. Neither Walker nor Rodas survived.

Following his death, in 2015, Walker’s then-15-year-old daughter, Meadow, filed a wrongful death suit against Porsche. The lawsuit alleged that Walker became trapped in the car as a result of a faulty seat belt, which caused him to burn alive.

Meadow Walker/Instagram

As People magazine reports, citing The Blast, the lawsuit alleged the car company knew the car in question, the Carrera GT, had a “history of instability and control issues.” The suit also alleged the company “failed to install its electronic control system,” which it says is “specifically designed to protected against the swerving actions inherent in hyper-sensitive vehicles of this type.”

Porsche and Meadow have now reached a settlement in the case for an undisclosed amount of money. The settlement comes after Meadow won $10.1 million in damages in a suit against Roger Rodas’s estate.

Meadow has been keeping her father’s memory alive over the past four years by sharing photos of the two of them throughout the years on her Instagram:

In 2011, two years before his death, Paul said of his daughter:

“She’s the best partner I’ve ever had. I’ve never had anything like this in my life. I’ve been so transient, I’ve been on my own since I was 16. There’s a part of me who feels like I’m making up for lost time.”

Paul left his entire estate to Meadow.

Paul’s father sued Porsche in a separate lawsuit, which also has been settled.

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