Last week, comedian Patton Oswalt shocked fans after revealing he was engaged to actress Meredith Salenger. The whirlwind relationship was not the problem for most people, however. It was the fact that his wife passed away in April of last year.

Oswalt’s wife, Michelle McNamara, died suddenly from a tragic mix of prescription medications and an undiagnosed heart condition. At the time, Oswalt told the press:

“We learned today the combination of drugs in Michelle’s system, along with a condition we were unaware of, proved lethal.”

However, it wasn’t just the heartbreaking passing of his beloved wife that Oswalt had to cope with; he was now a single parent.

In an essay for GQ in December, Oswalt opened up about the arduous, and sometimes impossible, task, writing:

I’m moving forward—clumsily, stupidly, blindly—because of the kind of person Alice is. She’s got so much of Michelle in her. And Michelle was living her life moving forward. And she took me forward with her. Just like I know Alice will. So I’m going to keep moving forward. So I can be there with you if you need me, Alice.

And moving forward he did.

Some people were outraged he had proposed to another woman just over a year after McNamara’s death:

However, Oswalt has one response for the naysayers: they’re “bitter grub worms.”

Despite the controversy, Oswalt and his new love have made yet another splash on Twitter, and it happens to be their first public “fight.”

After Oswalt engaged in a humorous exchange with a fellow comedian, Meredith chimed in, asking her groom-to-be to essentially leave the internet:

To which Oswalt retorted:

Meredith replied with a cute, yet descriptive, GIF:

It wasn’t long before people began to fall in love with the sweet new couple and their online antics:

Meredith briefly interjected to make it clear that she and Oswalt are doing things the “proper” way:

But one fan was quick to remind the comedian that the “proper” thing to do is listen to his soon-to-be wife:

Although many people still feel as though Oswalt moved on entirely too quickly, it seems as though it won’t take long to bring the rest of his fans around to love the Meredith as much as he does — public fights and all.

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