Bernard Reedy first entered the NFL in 2014 as an undrafted free agent from the University of Toledo.

According to ESPN, after first signing with the Atlanta Falcons before being cut in 2015, to dealing with a knee injury in 2016 and being cut against by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Reedy didn’t know if his dreams of becoming a successful professional football player would ever come true.

As a result, Reedy needed to find another way to pay the bills and provide for his family on top of pursuing his dreams.


As ESPN reports, the now New England Patriots receiver got an $11-an-hour job working as a driver “providing transportation to people battling terminal illnesses and recovering from strokes, heart attacks, organ transplants, amputations and serious accidents” with Care Ride.

Reedy says the experience has helped him remain humble over the last few years:

“I used to think about a lot of the people I would pick up and the situations that they [were] in and the stories I heard. Some of the stories, the normal average person wouldn’t believe, but that stuff’s true. It’s just ironic that I’ve had a job like that in the situation that I was in. To be around positivity and listen to people go through what I went through — I went through it sportswise and they went through it in life. It was tough to want to play and to want to be on somebody’s team and [I] just [didn’t] get the break yet, but I also thought, ‘What about the people on life support? What about the people who can’t walk that want to walk again?’ That stuff’s way more serious than running around and playing football.”

Regardless of the fact that he was signed by the Patriots in November 2017, Reedy’s road to the Super Bowl was filled with uncertainties.

According to ESPN, the receiver bounced between the practice squad and the active roster for nearly two months before being cut again on January 3.

Screenshot, ESPN/ Screenshot, Twitter

He called his managers at Care Ride to see if he could be put back on the schedule, ESPN reports. Two weeks later, he got a call from the Patriots saying that they wanted to re-sign him.

Reedy says his sudden success has reminded him of how blessed and fortunate he truly is. He told ESPN:

“It’s just surreal. I feel like the more I read my Bible, the more doors open. For the most part, my dream is coming true. I’m in a place that I always thought about being when I was younger as a kid. […]

Sometimes I don’t even know what to say, Just gotta kind of sit back and thank God at just [how] blessed and how fortunate I am to be in the position I’m in, just going from trying to make a team, working at the same time, scratching up dimes and pennies and putting all [my] chips in [to now]. But I always feel like if you give 100 percent [good things will happen].”

Fortunately, Care Ride has been flexible with the 26-year-old’s schedule, and the job has allowed him to use the money he’s earned so far through football to fix up his family’s two-bedroom home in south St. Petersburg.


According to ESPN, Vince Cocks, the operations manager for Care Ride, spoke highly of Reedy’s kind heart:

“I know Bernard’s heart. His mom’s there, his sister’s there with her little baby. His heart’s in St. Pete. And when he had some time, he came to help us and it was absolutely wonderful.”

While the role Reedy will play in tonight’s Super Bowl is unclear, the 26-year-old is going to make the best of this opportunity and will head back to Care Ride once the offseason starts.

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