Hundreds of cars are randomly bursting into flames without warning, reports WESH.

One pastor is thankful he was on the road when he noticed a car on highway I-44 in Tulsa, Oklahoma smoking on Sunday. Had he not tailed the vehicle, the two passengers might not be alive today.


KTUL reports, Pastor Ryan Mattox was heading home when he noticed smoke coming from the car in front of him. Mattox said:

“I decided I’m going to stay behind them instead of passing them. That way if they need a ride or stuck out here in the nighttime.”

He continued to drive down the highway for a few miles until he noticed the vehicle spontaneously catching fire. He explained:

“As soon as I saw the glow I started honking right away just in case..honking and honking and honking..down highway 44..and they didn’t stop.”

Mattox was trying to warn the strangers about their car danger but they wouldn’t pull over.  Fortunately, he was finally able to get their attention and the two people got out of the car before their entire vehicle was engulfed in flames.


Mattox said:

“Thank you Lord for helping me to not just keep going … I just couldn’t go pass those guys. “

He added:

“I really didn’t expect their whole car to engulf in flames like it did. Nobody does. I’ve never seen that in my life.


Those people would have been dead.”


Both the man and woman made it out the fire without any injuries. Unfortunately, this month in Tulsa, another man wasn’t so lucky.

KRMG reports, a man was sleeping in a car during a deadly car fire.

Fire officials are investigating the incident but believe an unidentified “heating element” inside the vehicle is the cause of the accident.

Officials did not disclose the cause of the Green Country incident.

Watch the video below:

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