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Before Paris Jackson was landing magazine covers and walking red carpets, she was flanking her father — the legendary Michael Jackson — with a mask covering her face to protect her identity.

Now, at 19 years old, her life is much different. Though she was primarily kept under the radar growing up, she’s been an ever-growing public force since her 18th birthday.

With her recognition growing more and more each day, Jackson, like any celebrity, is subject to major scrutiny. But sometimes being under the spotlight garners attention to some beautiful things — namely, Jackson’s eyes.

The piercing baby blues are arguably one of the most enticing pairs of eyes Hollywood has ever seen:

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B2 e5 B2h3 B5 e4 ?☕️

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It had people wondering: How the heck are those things so blue?

Thanks to her makeup artist for the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Jo Baker, the world finally has an answer — and it’s not the colored contacts some might suspect.

On Monday, Baker was explaining all things makeup to Teen Vogue — specifically regarding Jackson’s effortlessly stunning appearance.

Baker revealed some interesting information: Jackson has a “rare eye condition that affects the coloring of her eyes,” according to Teen Vogue. She called them “absolutely striking.”

Although she didn’t specify which exact eye condition Jackson has, This Insider deduced it might be Waardenburg syndrome (WS) — a genetic condition that can impact the coloring or pigmentation of your eyes, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

Baker did say that Jackson’s condition does not affect her eyesight, however, if she does, in fact, have WS, other symptoms include affected hair and skin pigmentation, as well as hearing loss.

Additionally, This Insider reported WS is often times recognized through exceptionally blue eyes or different colors in each eye.

Though it’s unclear if Jackson’s condition is WS specifically, it is obvious her envy-inducing eyes are just another striking feature on the daughter of an icon.

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