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It sounds like something from a movie. A family of rambunctious kids who only need a stern, experienced teacher to get them on the right path. Unfortunately for this family, life isn’t a movie.

As Insider reports, a family from Birmingham, England, is so desperate to find a tutor for their unruly children that they’re offering £100 (approximately $130) an hour for the right candidate. The tutor is only needed for 12 hours a week (providing three hours of tutoring per child).

So why the difficulty finding someone willing to make $1,560 per week for part-time work? Apparently, the children are a bit of a handful.

In an advertisement posted on Tutor House, the anonymous father says they have two daughters, aged 5 and 11, and twin 7-year-old sons. They want someone with five years of tutoring or teaching experience who also has “experience with troublesome kids.” He explains:

I’m going to be honest, our kids can be a nightmare. We’ve had seven tutors quit since 2016 due to altercations with them, but we want what’s best for our children and education means a lot to us, they don’t excel in school currently and need the extra help, so we need someone new soon! Despite the above, they aren’t bad kids they just need someone to put them in their place now and again.

Careful readers might have noticed that the family has been through seven tutors in about three years. The dad sheds some light on this by giving examples of the problematic behavior:

I feel it’s my duty to say that previously tutors have been subjected to physical fighting, swearing and shouting, and they have been known to play pranks, like throwing flour and eggs.

It’s clear that previous tutors weren’t happy to be the subject of pranks:

To put it into perspective we’ve had one tutor last only two weeks before because he was locked in the garage for 2 hours, and had another call our children “the devil reincarnated.”

However, the dad is certain that the problem is not the kids — it’s the fact that previous tutors haven’t been able to handle them. After all, he claims, the children behave around their parents:

We believe our children aren’t “devils,” just haven’t been educationally stimulated by the right people. I believe previous tutors have failed because they haven’t taken charge of the situation. They’re pretty well behaved with us!

The dad repeats several times that “they aren’t bad kids; they just need someone to put them in their place now and again.” The high pay is a recognition of the “challenging role” the tutor would be taking on, and the dad suggests a trial period for potential applicants.

The dad told Insider that he and his wife are exhausted by the constant search for tutors. But they’re determined to find a strong disciplinarian along the lines of Samuel L. Jackson’s Coach Carter. He explained that the children behave for their parents because “unlike some of the tutors in the past, we aren’t afraid to discipline them when they need it.” He added:

“When our kids meet someone new they like to test boundaries and see what they can get away with, especially if it means getting out of doing school work.”

Alex Dyer, the co-founder of Tutor House, assured prospective applicants that the job was on the level and not dangerous:

“The family has assured us that no tutors have been hurt in the past, however, the new candidate must be a strong disciplinarian that demands respect, to put the kids back in their place when they act up.”

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12 Replies to “Parents Desperate for Tutor Who Can Discipline Their Unruly Kids Offer $130 an Hour for the Job”

  • Hector 6 months ago

    Sounds like they need new parents.

  • J. Duane Robinson 6 months ago

    Where do I apply?

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    It is the parents fault. If there is no accountability/discipline by the parents for poor behavior when they are not present then children see that as a ” green light” to do as they please. The children don’t need discipline….it’s the parents who do. They need to investigate the “Love and Logic” course. But it’s work so I doubt they will try it. It’s easier to pay someone else and then blame them for “their” failures.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    My bags are packed. Look out kids. Mom & dad are getting trained.

  • Brandie Page 6 months ago

    I would be willing to interview the family. Mother of 4 , 26 years experience. Expenses to be paid by family.

  • Calendula 6 months ago


  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    If the parents don’t have trouble with the children, then they should teach the children themselves!

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    These are my favorite kids to work with. Why because a child is a child, and they are still growing and learning. They are all special, and will shine at there time. I’d rather have a challenge. My children challenge me everyday, but…each one of them is special!

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Try be a parent not a friend beat there asses

  • Linda Alford 6 months ago

    I would love the job. Although I do not meet the qualifications the parents are looking for, I have raised 3 children of my own. The oldest. Is a chief Master Sargent in the US Coast Guard, the the next is a preschool teacher and my youngest is a freshman in college. I personally have worked with children most of my life in one way or another and I also have a. College degree in historical research and historical studies with an education minor..

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  • Matth1 6 days ago

    I relate myself to the topic. I remember when I was a child, my mom was my first teacher. I was pressured to study hard than a real teacher.

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