Parents of a 16-year-old boy, who suffocated to death in a minivan, are now speaking out in an interview.

Kyle Plush was pinned down by a seat in a minivan in his school parking lot, Dearly previously reported.

He dialed 911 twice by using his iPhone’s voice controls, but first responders were unable to locate where the call was coming from.

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Jill and Ron Plush spoke to NBC News and said that they were proud of their son for finding a way to even contact authorities.

They said:

“He was clever and he figured out a way to make a call to 911…we’re just so proud of him, of what he was able to do to try to save his life.”

The Ohio parents said their son was unforgettable and had a “larger than life” personality.

Kyle’s parents also added that first responders should be able to locate callers through GPS, just like how Uber drivers can locate their riders.

Ron said in the interview:

“The process has to be the best, the technology has to be the best…life is in danger, you need that immediate response.”

In Kyle’s second phone call to emergency responders, he told them that he didn’t have a lot of time left and that he wanted them to tell his mom that he loved her.

Jill said she and her son were very close:

“Kyle and I were very close…We went through a lot together, and it’s really hard … to go on every day without him.”

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio has agreed to fund more money into their first responders to help make sure they’re the best they can be.

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Parents of Boy Who Suffocated In a Minivan Are Speaking Out. They Say First Responders Should Be Able to Use GPS

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