Season four of TLC’s “I Am Jazz” premiered Tuesday night, and the Jennings family is continuing to embrace change as they always have.

Right off the bat, the family began discussing Jazz’s gender reassignment surgery, her newly found independence after receiving her license, and the eating habits Jazz has acquired that are causing her to gain weight.


While embracing most of the changes, Jazz’s mom, Jeanette, is concerned about her eating habits. She said during the show in a confessional:

“Jazz spends a lot of her time in her room binge watching TLC, eating whatever she wants, and has been gaining weight as a result. Buffalo Chicken Dip should not be in a crockpot on Jazz’s bed. That is unhealthy.”

However, while her mom finds her eating habits worrisome, Jazz views pigging out as one of the “best things ever.”

She said in her own confessional:

“I’m a very, very hungry girl. Anywhere there is a bunch of food, I’m going to pig out. It’s the best thing ever.”

When confronting Jazz about clearing the junk food out of her room, Jeanette stumbled upon a drawer filled with wrappers from all the junk food Jazz has secretly consumed.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

Jeanette went as far as to call it “disgusting.”

Having no idea her daughter had been consuming such large quantities of unhealthy food, Jeanette questioned Jazz about how long she has had this habit. Jazz responded by saying she has been sneaking food for about “two or three months”:

“It’s been ever since I started driving and I’ve been able to go out or I could order the food from anywhere.”

The realization took her mom by surprise. She said:

“I knew that Jazz had been doing some bad eating here and there, but when I find the degree to which she has gone to obtain the food and hide the food, it’s like a hoarder, it’s like a garbage hoarder.

I’m speechless, I really don’t even know what to say.”

Jazz admitted that she has noticed that she’s gained weight and that she’s not totally happy with what she sees when she looks in the mirror, but that hasn’t been enough to turn her away from her love of food.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

She explained:

“I just love food so much. It makes me feel comfortable and safe and happy. […] I definitely think my eating habits are a real problem.”

When trying to get to the bottom of her daughter’s eating habits, Jeanette acknowledged that she wasn’t sure if Jazz’s eating was because she was actually hungry or if there was an emotional reason behind it.

They decided that they would nip the habit in the bud as quickly as possible by going on a health food kick and getting disciplined about working out.

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