Last week, 26-year-old Désirée Gibbon was found dead on a deserted road just a few miles outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The New York native had been staying at her grandmother’s hotel for the month to scout musical talent for a friend, but her time on the island ended in tragedy.

Gibbon was set to fly home to Queens last Thursday; her body wasn’t found until Sunday morning. According to the New York Daily News, she was discovered badly beaten and with a slit throat. Her loved ones were horrified.

Her mother, Andrea Cali-Gibbon, told the Daily News she can’t even put her reaction into words:

“We were very close, so you can imagine, when I got the news, ‘devastated’ doesn’t begin to describe it. The brutality is what killed me. She was beaten and had her throat sliced open.”

She said she knew her daughter tried to do everything she could to make it back home:

“She was a tough cookie. I know she fought until she drew her last breath. I know she did. And I’m certain that her last thought was, ‘Will my mom be OK if I don’t make it?’”

However, after she and her husband visited the exact spot in the road where their daughter died, they couldn’t escape one haunting detail.


Gibbon’s father, Gairy, told the Daily News his daughter must have been terrified by the darkness:

“From where she comes from in New York — where there are lights … to be left here on some dark road to die like this…”

He continued, saying his daughter would have been just terrified:

“It must be somebody’s worst fear, especially if you are a woman, to be up against overwhelming strength.”

They both believe their daughter knew and trusted whoever murdered their daughter and, of course, hope some justice will be served for Gibbon. But, Andrea told the Daily News that nothing will ever make things right:

“There will be no closure for me. It doesn’t matter if they find her murderers. Life will never be the same.”

The road ahead for the Gibbon family will undoubtedly be a long and painful one, but together, they will hopefully be able to bring some light into their daughter’s dark, dark killing.

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