Wisconsin parents Pierro and Heather Wipperfurth were horrified when a bruise showed up on their baby girl just days after she left the neonatal intensive care unit.

Baby Finnley was born in June with a life-threatening rare blood vessel abnormality, according to WISC. She was quickly taken to the NICU at Meriter Hospital where she stayed for seven hours.

As scheduled, Finnley was then transferred to UW Hospital — that’s when they noticed the strange mark on her back. Her father said:

“She was born on Monday. On Thursday, a bruise was discovered.”

Soon enough, all eyes were on the little girl’s parents.

According to WISC, the Wipperfurths found themselves under investigation by Child Protective Services.

But it wasn’t long until the parents were cleared. The father explained:

“They didn’t look at the bruise and think it was a medical bruise, they called CPS. I said, ‘OK, if it wasn’t us, it had to be somebody else. Who does that leave?’”

The parents were in the dark for months, but now believe they have their answer after a nurse was recently suspended from the NICU where Finnley spent her first hours of life.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Meriter Hospital suspended the nurse under suspicion that she caused injury to at least five infants in the NICU over a period of several months.

Starting in April 2017, children under the nurse’s care where found with unexplained bruising. Some even had fractures.

She was suspended from the hospital last month when staff started to put the pieces together.

Pierro said he immediately thought of the bruise on his own child after news of the nurse’s suspension broke. He told WISC:

“When we saw the story, I immediately called the police department… I mean, look at her. She’s up against life or death, and you got some predator beating her up.”

While the father is convinced that Finnley was a victim of the nurse, it remains unclear if she was ever actually in her care.

For now, no arrests have been made in the case.

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