On Aug. 25, 6-year-old Roman Dimeglio was riding home from kindergarten on the school bus like he’s done every day since the school year started.

However, his mom, Kathy, knew something wasn’t quite right that Friday afternoon, when Roman walked off the bus sporting a swollen face, a cut on his cheek, and tears pouring from his eyes.


She immediately approached the bus driver for answers as to how her son sustained such injuries:

“The moment I saw his swollen face and the cut on his cheek, swollen forehead, I immediately ran to the bus.”

However, when the bus driver claimed to not know why Roman’s face was swollen, both Kathy and her husband, Mark, turned to his school for answers.

According to WTAE, Mark demanded access to the security camera footage from Roman’s bus. Sadly, what Mark and Kathy saw matched exactly what Roman told them happened, that he was held down and kicked and punched.


Mark explained what he saw after viewing the footage:

“My son gets his hair pulled by one of the students on the bus, forced to the floor. That student holds him down while another student gets on top, starts punching, kicking and stomping on our child.”

As WTAE reported, two second graders were responsible for the attack, and both of the boys have since apologized for their actions.

But Kathy and Mark say their anger isn’t directed at the young kids who beat up their son, it’s directed at the adults who should have been protecting their little boy.


When the bus driver was asked why he didn’t stop the student from attacking Roman, he and the other adult supervisor on the bus reiterated that they didn’t know the attack took place.

As a result, Mark and Kathy have filed a police report and admitted to WTAE that they want to see the school and the bus company held accountable:

“This isn’t just about our child. This is about every child in every public school system that has been bullied.”

While the bus company refused to comment, the school’s superintendent did released this short statement:

“Because of the confidential nature, the district will not be providing any comments. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. Please be assured that we are addressing this matter. Safety and security of all our students is a top priority.”

As for Roman, he would prefer to never ride on the bus again — and that is “heartbreaking” for his parents.

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