Tennessee parents Linell and Andrea Miller thought their son, 9-month-old Easton, was safe at Teachers’ Tots Learning Center in Madisonville — until they stopped by during naptime.

The Millers told WATE that they arrived at the daycare while Easton and the other children were down for a rest. They found him covered with a blanket, which is against protocol.

But they were even more shocked when the caretaker pulled the blanket back, Linell said:

“Our son, laying there, 9-months-old, on his belly. Had this blanket, and as Miss Brandy pulls the blanket back from his feet, back to his neck, there I see a sheet had his feet tied up, his legs, and his thighs — double knotted.”

The father said that his son appeared to be overheated and had been crying, according to WLVT. The parents were told it “was a tactic used to keep him from ‘wallowing’ around while he was sleeping.”

Andrea said it was difficult for her to see her son in that state:

“Confusion, anger, sadness. Guilt for putting trust into people to care for one of the most important persons in my life. A lot of emotions.”

The Millers filed a police report about the incident, which was eventually handed over to the Department of Human Services (DHS).

This week, DHS confirmed that it is “supporting an investigation by law enforcement and the Department of Children’s Services into allegations involving an educator.”

It has since put the daycare on a “safety plan” but did not shut the operation down. The daycare is no longer allowed to watch children ages six weeks to one year.

The caretaker responsible has since been barred from the care center while children are in attendance.

Regardless, the Millers said they are hesitant to put their son in a daycare again.

Watch the video below:

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