A Texas teacher came under fire for sharing a video of her students reciting a Bible verse during class.

In a now-deleted video recorded at Brown Primary School in Smithville, Texas, first-grade teacher Susan Schobel posted a clip of her students reading a passage from the book of Romans, reports Fox 7.

In the footage, the class can be heard saying:

“Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good.”

Shortly after the post, many reacted to the video.

Screenshot//Fox 7

Several supporters shared their thoughts on the clip. One commenter wrote on Facebook:

I’ve been wanting to this my whole teaching career, but thought I couldn’t. You are amazing.

Another said:

As a parent I love it! I got your back!

In response to the post, the teacher defended her actions, although Bible readings and prayer in public schools became unconstitutional following the 1963 Supreme Court ruling.

Screenshot/Fox 7

Schobel called herself “a rule breaker” and said she’s willing to lose her job over teaching her students about Jesus.

However, her video sparked backlash from parents who were not okay with Schobel violating the constitution. Some wrote:

The teacher is breaking the law, and she knows it … The teacher has a right to her religion and to practice her faith, but when she’s teaching in a public school she’s a public employee. If she wishes to teach her faith she can volunteer to teach Sunday school, or she can leave the public school entirely and go teach at a parochial school.

We are a Country of mixed Culture, I believe there are lessons that can be taught in home, and in church. Schools is not one of them, Unless the Teacher is going to read from all religions …

According to Fox News, the Smithville community overwhelming supported Schobel for having her children recite what she described as a “daily Bible verse.”

One of her supporter, Dane Garrison, started an #Istandwithsusan hashtag.


Garrison wrote:

I believe everyone has a right to stand up for what they believe in. So do I.. #istandwithsusan I believe in love and kindness being taught in our classrooms.

Superintendent Cheryl Burns said in a statement that the district encourages “these freedoms” and welcomes:

“The diversity of thought, worship, ideas and speech in our community.

We support the right of students to express themselves. We support our employees’ free speech and free exercise rights as well, while being mindful of their on-duty responsibilities.”

Smithville ISD did not comment on disciplinary actions taken against the teacher.

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8 Replies to “Parents Are Voicing Their Concern After Learning First-Grade Teacher Recites a Daily Bible Verse in Class”

  • Jo 2 years ago

    I stand beside her…every step of the way!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Schools lost control when the BIBLE was taken out of the classroom.

  • L.C. 2 years ago

    So how are the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and other children born into a different faith suppose to feel when they are taught by their PARENTS a different way? EXCLUDED, BAD, HEATHEN, all come to mind. Shame on this teacher for making children, during their formative years, feel excluded or ashamed because their family is practicing a different theology. What is wrong with these teachers today who can’t just come in and teach the skills children will need to advance in a educated society but instead want to indoctrinate them to their philosophy in life? What is wrong with public servants in general? It is NOT your job to perform anything other than your defined duties. Maybe if you acted in a Christ-like way, as Jesus taught, people would admire your way and want to follow the teachings of Christ. I would be taking my children out of that school and suing the school district for multiple infractions…and I am a Christian by choice, not bullied into a belief to “fit in”. This teacher needs her certificate revoked.

    • Darren Scott 2 years ago

      Christian by choice my ass! Jesus commanded us to go into ALL the world and PREACH THE GOSPEL! Sounds like you’re ashamed of Him. Too bad, when you stand in front of God the Father, Jesus will also be ashamed of you! If you ARE a Christian, you’d know that’s in the Bible!

  • nina lunsford 2 years ago

    why can’t the parents look at the words of the verse and not where it came from? those are words to live by. would they be okay with it if she hadn’t told them it was from the bible? or maybe they disagree with running from evil, and pursuing good?

    • Lena 2 years ago

      The parents of the students in the class are fine with it, their whole community is proud of it. The only ones who seem to have a problem with it, are the ones who have nothing to do with it, and are only reading an article about a teacher pushing the norm.

  • Lilia Hekmatara 2 years ago

    I love it! I stand by her all the way.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    If, in shools, one can read and quote from so many other books and authors, one should be allowed to read and quote from the Book known as the Bible!

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