When Cashe Graham called first responders, he explained that he and his girlfriend, Whitney Breslin, thought Breslin’s 2-year-old daughter was sleeping later than usual but discovered she was actually having trouble breathing.

Graham, who lives in Shawnee, Oklahoma, told the 911 dispatcher she was “breathing real hard” and taking breaths in and out every 15 seconds.


As KFOR reports, Jamie Murdock was taken to the hospital, where she died two days later. Breslin, 21, and Graham, 22, have been charged with first-degree murder.

In an interview with KFOR, Det. Sgt. Jason Crouch explained that the little girl had suffered bleeding and swelling of the brain. She also had a bruise on her chin and a bruise on her lower abdomen.

The girl also tested positive for marijuana at the hospital in an amount suggesting she ingested it and was not exposed to it through secondhand smoke.

According to News 9, Murdock’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend admitted to keeping marijuana in the house but denied ever having abused the child. Instead, they blamed the injuries on the child’s sleepwalking.

Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center

Doctors disagreed, however, as Crouch explained:

“It was some kind of an assault or abuse. Yeah, the only way it can be explained is somebody did that to her.”

According to Crouch, Breslin and Graham told investigators they had gone through measures to childproof their home to keep the toddler from injuring herself while she sleepwalked. Crouch called their explanation “odd” given the circumstances:

“Putting like rubber on the corners of the desks, and the cabinets and the windowsills. You know, that was something that was odd in this thing, you know, they were actually trying to childproof the home.”

According to KFOR, a probable cause affidavit also noted Breslin’s behavior as strange during her visit to the hospital to tend to her daughter. The statement reportedly read:

I noticed Whitney sounding like she was crying. While at the ER, Whitney would appear to cry but never shed any tears.

News 9 reports that, according to Crouch, doctors stated the little girl’s injuries would have appeared within an hour of the suspected abuse, leaving a “really small window” as to who was responsible. Crouch said Breslin and Graham claimed they were the only ones home during that time.

He told KFOR that both adults maintain they did not gravely harm the little girl:

“Well, somebody did it. One of them did it. Either one of them did it and the other’s covering for them, or vice versa or they both were a part of it. But, they’re both guilty.”

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleepwalking occurs more in children, particularly between the ages of 3 and 7. In children, it can be a result of sleep deprivation and is usually associated with sleep apnea and children who experience bed-wetting.

According to News 9, Murdock had been taken to the hospital twice before within the month for head trauma, which Breslin and Graham blamed on falling down while sleepwalking.

Breslin and Graham have been arrested, and the case is under investigation.

Watch the video below, via KFOR.

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