Choosing a baby name is a deeply personal decision for parents, but year after year, certain names explode in popularity thanks to pop culture and current trends.

In 2010, baby names like Bella and Edward, inspired by the popular “Twilight” series, surged in popularity after the books and films became a cultural phenomenon.

And for 2017, popular Disney princess Moana had a similar effect. The number of parents naming their children after the tenacious animated character rose by 64 percent, according to BabyCenter.

While it’s unclear what may influence parents in the year to come, Babygaga has released a prediction of 2018’s most popular baby names for boys and girls based on data from past years.

And people seem to have a lot to say about it.

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According to the data they analyzed, the top 10 most popular boys names will likely be:

10. Alexander

9. Adam

8. Corin

7. Dylan

6. Reuben

5. Theodore

4. Oliver

3. Atticus

2. Jack

1. Finn

Likewise, the top 10 most popular girls’ names will be:

10. Hazel

9. Ellie

8. Victoria

7. Penelope

6. Savannah

5. Kennedy

4. Violet

3. Sadie

2. Charlotte

1. Emma

The predicted most popular boy name, Finn, didn’t even crack the top 20 this year, BabyCenter reported. But Emma was already in the top three for girls in 2017.

Regardless, quite a few social media users had some negative opinions about next year’s trending names.

Some Facebook users encouraged parents to think twice when making the names from the list their choice. One parent wrote that some of the children with those names may get bulled:

If I ever have a son, our goal is to pick a name that won’t get him beat to h*** on the playground….we’ll let the warped sense of humor that he’ll inherit genetically be the cause instead.

And other Facebook users agreed. They wrote:

Corin is too close to Corinne. I can’t remember which comedian said it. He said, ‘Don’t name your kids something that will get them beat up on the playground.’

People should think about a name that won’t cause too much teasing on the playground and also as they grow into adulthood isn’t too cutesy.

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Others pointed out that parents need to take how the name will affect the child’s self-esteem in the future:

A name can have a direct affect (sic) on how the child is treated by other children, which can have a direct result on how that child grows up (self esteem and/or anger issues)….

Because a choosing a good baby name is so subjective, everybody has different opinion on what makes a good one.

At the end of the day, it’s up to parents to choose what they think works best for their family.

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