Ahmed Ageal and Juli Thomas wanted their daughter to end things with her boyfriend. And that was before he broke into their home.

As KDVR reports, the parents from Denver, Colorado were sound asleep on the night of November 26 when they were awakened by an alarming commotion.

Their 13-year-old daughter was running through their house, screaming that her older sister’s boyfriend had broken into the house, slipped into her bed, and touched her on her stomach.

Mark Keough, aged 30, had been dating the 21-year-old daughter of the family. When Ageal and Thomas came out to confront Keough, he put up a fight.

Thomas told KDVR that she didn’t, “remember much except for flying up the stairs.” Ageal added that he tried to tackle and hold Keough while his wife called authorities:

“I was scared. He tried to attack me when I came.”

Once he’d managed to grab Keough, Ageal tried and failed to get an explanation for the break-in. He told KDVR:

“I asked him why would you break into my house? He just said, ‘hmmmm.'”

Police arrived several minutes later and took Keough into custody. Keough is now charged with first-degree burglary and criminal attempt to sexually assault a child. However, the worried parents are concerned they might see him again. Thomas told KDVR:

“I’m terrified he’ll get out because if he does get out the first place he’ll go is to his parent’s house which is next to us.”

Not only does Keough have relatives living next door, but he also has a criminal history. In five months, he has been arrested five times, including one arrest for an alleged sexual assault.

The parents have warned Keough to stay away from their younger daughters, but haven’t been able to persuade their oldest daughter to break up with him. Thomas told KDVR:

“She’s 21. She’s an adult. She’s not really going to listen to us.”

Keough was out of jail on a $50,000 bond when he broke into the family’s home. He is now back in custody and his bond has been set at $500,000.

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15 Replies to “Parents Wake to 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Screams — They Find Her Older Sister’s Boyfriend in Her Bed”

  • Patriot Mom 11 months ago

    Did I miss something on the news, or did they ban owning guns in the state of Colorado? I’d be ready for him next time…

    • Bruce 10 months ago

      You got that right bud….

  • Alan Sabrosky 11 months ago

    The fathr made one mistake: he should have killed the POS and been done with it. He might have been arrested for doing that, at least in a state like Colorado. But the scumbag would be dead and gone, and if enough people did that, eventually the notion that attacking someone’s child – or any woman, for that matter – would be a fatal mistake. would do a lot more good than the way we do things now.

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Kick older daughter out, she is old enough to live on her own. He go’s or you. Your choice.

    • Me 10 months ago

      THIS!! Exactly this!! She’s 21 and if she makes crappy decisions like this she can move out.

  • Charles O McVey 11 months ago

    Buy a firearm, and next time he breaks in, two to the chest and one in the head, problem solved in both cases.

    • Ernie 11 months ago

      If it was my daughter the coroner would have carried him out. He would be dead .

  • Ernie 11 months ago

    If that would have been my daughter they would have just called the coroner. He would have been dead.

  • Lisa 11 months ago

    The daughter is 21…an adult. She needs to move out of the family home if she wants to continue seeing this dirtbag. Bye Felicia.

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    That is a misstated for letting them stay here in Northcarolina send them back to mexico

  • Marsena 10 months ago

    If the older daughter lives at home and continues to see this guy. Give her an ultimatum. Either she stops seeing him or move out. If she does not live at home then she will not be welcome home because she wont be allowed to let him in your house.

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    The older daughter should be required t move out!. Your house, your rules!! The fact that he is 30 years old and has other charges pending say it all. Parents are the only protection younger children have. Your other is of legal age! This could of caused very bad resu!ts!!

  • Debbie 10 months ago

    Why the Hell do they keep letting the scumbag out on bail. If he’s been arrested 5 times in 5 months why don’t they use a little common
    sense and keep him in jail?

  • Shelia 10 months ago

    You break into my house and it’ll be the last house you’ll ever see so I hope you’ve got your affairs in order before your funeral.

  • Peggy Ontis 6 months ago

    If the oldest daughter will not stop seeing this man. People are in danger.
    Kick her ass out. She is old enough to have a JOB and support herself

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Parents Wake to 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Screams — They Find Her Older Sister’s Boyfriend in Her Bed

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