In January, Reddit user Jemima-Racktool’s daughter was asked to make a sign in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day for school.

The sign was supposed to represent something that they “hope to see change in our country.” The students were instructed to wear their homemade signs around their necks as a way of advocating for their cause of choice.

Jemima-Racktool wrote that she had no idea which cause her 6-year-old daughter chose until after she finished her sign:

My six-year-old, unbeknownst to me, choose this cause, and marched for it.

The seemingly proud mom shared a photo of the sign her daughter made:

My anti-vax 6 year old TOTALLY did this all by herself!! from thatHappened

The sign read:

I don’t want people to have to have shots (vaccinations) to go to school!

Fellow Reddit users commented on the photo, claiming that there is no way a 6-year-old “totally did this all by herself” :

Other commenters suggested that maybe the teacher asked her daughter to choose a cause and then wrote the sign for her:
 Jemima-Racktool has not yet responded to the naysayers. What do you think?

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