When you’re a parent to an energetic toddler, sometimes keeping them fully clothed at home is the least of your worries. At least that’s how it is for one parent, who recently took to Reddit.

The parent, who didn’t disclose if they were the child’s mother or father, said that their 17-month-old daughter rarely keeps a shirt on.

That wouldn’t be a problem if the child’s grandmother didn’t always post photos of her to Facebook.

The Reddit user explained:

My daughter is 17 months old. Being that she is a toddler, she would live in just her diaper if she could. When she’s at home, we let her run free, and thus, most of our pictures are of her in just her diaper.

My mother posts a lot of my daughter’s photos on facebook, which I don’t mind, but she is constantly editing little heart or smiley face stickers over my daughter’s nipples.

The parent explained that they don’t think it’s necessary to cover the child’s chest because she’s just a toddler.

Senjuti Kundu/Unsplash

They continued:

To me, this just seems really creepy and sexualizing, since my daughter’s nipples are no different than my nephew’s, who’s uncensored photos are also all over my mother’s facebook.

Something about it really rubs me the wrong way, but when I addressed it with my mother, she told me the pictures were inappropriate for her friends to see without the stickers covering her up.

The parent told their mom to stop posting pictures of their daughter because they felt she was “sexualizing” her and asked Reddit users to choose who was in the wrong.

AITA for not wanting my mom to cover my daughter’s chest in pictures from AmItheAsshole

Most commenters seemed to side with the parent and thought the grandma was going too far by editing over the child’s chest.

One Reddit user responded:

… Agreed that it is weird that she has this double standard. It does feel sexualized and creepy. However, since she is your daughter you don’t need a reason to tell your mother not to post pictures. You have the right to not want pictures of your kid on the internet regardless of a reason or lack thereof.

Other users suggested that the parent was also in the wrong for allowing photos of their child to be posted to social media.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Parent Calls Out Grandma For ‘Sexualizing’ Toddler Daughter By Censoring Her Chest in Photos”

  • Melanie 2 years ago

    Stop posting your child’s pictures to social media. I can guarantee there are sexual predators looking at them. These predators can hack into any social sight you have so blocking doesn’t stop them.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Sad and scary but true . Pervs will use any innocent pic .

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