Jayden Beckett’s mother, Stephanie, thought her toddler was being silly by running away from her at bedtime and hiding with her sister, as he usually does.

According to The Sun, the 21-month-old vanished out of his mom’s sight for a matter of moments before his father, Jay, who was outside, watched in horror as he saw his toddler plunge head-first out of the first-floor bathroom window.

Jayden wasn’t playing with his aunt after all. Instead, he climbed onto the toilet seat in the bathroom when he ran away from his mom and fell out of the unlocked window.

Metro reported the devastated mother told police officer Leylah Marouf:

I assumed he’d come back by himself or she would bring him back. Then I heard Jay shout upstairs to the effect Jayden has fallen out of the window.

Jayden died from a traumatic brain injury three days after his fall when he was taken off life support with his heartbroken parents by his side.

Coroner Peter Bedford explained:

Jayden was left alone for a matter of minutes if that. … Jayden had never climbed onto the toilet before but was capable of climbing.

That first time was all it took for the couple’s child’s life to be taken away from them.

According to The Reading Chronicle, the toddler’s mother said:

It is the only window in the house without a lock.

Bedford said:

This was a tragic, tragic accident. It is a situation that all parents will dread and will all have the utmost sympathy for.

Sadly, one unlocked window took Jayden away from his mother and father forever.

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