While guest hosting “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” actor Jason Sudeikis’ first guest was the mother of his children, fellow actress Olivia Wilde.

The couple talked mostly about their kids, 4-year-old Otis and 2-year-old Daisy.

Midway through their conversation, Sudeikis took the opportunity to put his fiancée on the spot by asking her: “Why do you keep traumatizing our son at amusement parks?” And Wilde cringed at the question.

Sudeikis elaborated by saying they took their son to Disneyland for his 4th birthday, and after taking their son on a ride called “Splash Mountain,” the pair “got cocky” and decided to take Otis on a ride called “Space Mountain.”

Wilde now admits that was a big mistake because although he met the height requirement, he was a little too skinny. The couple also shared a photo of their time on Space Mountain, to which Wilde called the look on her face “real mom fear,” while Sudeikis called the look on Otis’ face “real little boy fear.”


Wilde said:

“It’s really traumatizing for me because you’re not supposed to take a 4-year-old on … look at my face, I’ve never been so scared in my life. […] There’s a height chart, but there’s no weight chart, so he’s really tall, but he’s really skinny. He’s like a little string bean, so he could have flown right out of there. I have never been so scared in my life.”

The actress also joked that out of both of their kids, they think Daisy will cause them the most trouble because Daisy takes after her and she was “a nightmare” growing up.

In a recent interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Wilde talked about being a working mom. She said:

“There are a lot of women out there who are still not giving themselves permission to chase their dreams because they deal with guilt connected to motherhood. So the way I’ve been perceiving this opportunity is to talk to women out there who might be thinking, ‘I do want to make a film or I do want to start my own business, but am I allowed? Am I allowed when I’ve got these kids?’ And no, guys don’t ask themselves this. But it’s the reality that many women do. […]

It’s important for mothers to realize you are no less of a mother because you chased your dreams.”

Watching the full moment with Wilde and Sudeikis below:

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