As the anti-vaccination movement continues to gain steam, one Ohio school is fighting to ensure its students are immunized — regardless of how parents may feel.

According to a study released in October, the number of children not receiving some or all of their vaccines has quadrupled since 2001, the Washington Post reported.

At least 18 states allow parents to opt out of vaccines due to religious reasons or other personal beliefs.

This could be a contributing factor to a number of measles outbreaks, a viral infection that was previously declared “eliminated” in the United States.

Now the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, which teaches children from pre-school to high school, is doing something about it.

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Last month, the school sent a letter to parents stating that religion is no longer a valid excuse not to vaccinate children attending the academy, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

In Ohio, parents can object to vaccinating their child due to religious beliefs, according to state laws. But since the school is private, they can set their own requirements for attendance.

The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland said in the letter that parents must vaccinate students, except in cases that they are medically exempt. It read:

We recognize that there are families that have strong views on both sides of this issue. However, this is not an area where we can accommodate any deviation from this new protocol.

The school cited “the recent outbreak of measles in various Jewish communities” as their main reason for the decision.

In November, roughly 99 cases of measles were reported in tight-knit orthodox Jewish communities in New York City. Most of those affected were children, Vox reports.

Dr. Baruch Fertel, whose children attend the school, told WTOL he doesn’t understand why other parents don’t vaccinate:

“We see from these outbreaks that it can just spread like wildfire and cause harm… I don’t know of a good reason why from a religious standpoint people wouldn’t.”

The school said that consulted with “many experts” before making the decision.

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6 Replies to “Ohio School Sends Letter to Parents Stating Religion Is No Longer an Excuse Not to Vaccinate”

  • Miranduran 1 year ago

    Vaccinate your children people!

  • Linda 1 year ago

    I do not think that parents should be “forced” to vaccinate their children. I am still a firm believer in rights of a parent to make their own decisions when it comes to their children. And just so no one starts attacking me because of my feelings on this matter…please know that I myself vaccinate my children…but…I still believe that it is my choice and should be everyone’s “choice”

    • Jeannie 1 year ago

      It is still the parents choice. But if they want to attend that particular school, they must vaccinate. Simple.

  • Cathy 1 year ago

    If your child is vaccinated then you should feel your child is protected and let the other parents of their children make their decisions. This fear of it spreading like wildfire is drama used to intimidate parents into vaccinating against their belief. Doctors have been forging the documents of their children for decades. I know this for a fact. There are way more unvaccinated children than you can imagine.

  • Chrissy 1 year ago

    Saying unvaccinated people are the ones spreading the disease is just absolute ignorance. In this day and age if information at your fingertips there is no excuse for this kind of stupidity. Just because your vaccinated doesn’t mean your immune nor does it mean your not actually the one spreading the disease. You shed the virus you are vaccinated with for weeks afterwards. Making your vaccinated child the silent infectious petrified dish.

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Ohio School Sends Letter to Parents Stating Religion Is No Longer an Excuse Not to Vaccinate

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