On Wednesday, police responded to a call to two homes located along State Route 93 in Decatur Township, Ohio.

According to WSAZ, the scene was chaotic and emotional, with people crying and hugging each other.

Upon further investigation, Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless revealed three people were shot and killed at one of the homes and the fourth at the second home Wednesday night, while a fifth victim, who was airlifted to the hospital, suffered multiple stab wounds.

That fifth victim is said to be doing well.

The youngest victim was a 8-year-old boy, Devin Holston. According to investigators, Holston, who was initially believed to be missing, was the last victim to be found. Sheriff Lawless explained to WSAZ the boy’s body was recovered the following morning “after he appeared to be hidden.”

The victims were discovered in two separate homes located a quarter of a mile from each other.

Sheriff Lawless told the media:

“This is a tragic scene … It’s just a devastating scene. It’s devastating for all these family members that are going through this situation tonight.

We’re not sure what this person is capable of. However, we haven’t completely confirmed the story of what’s been told. We’ve heard three or four different stories of what’s occurred here tonight, so now it’s time for us to piece this thing together and figure out exactly who is our suspect here and what exactly has happened.”

Investigators believe that 23-year-old Arron Lawson is the man responsible. The surviving victim told authorities he had just arrived home from work when he was attacked by Lawson, but he was able to escape.

According to a parishioner, the victim sought help at a nearby church, Decatur Missionary Baptist Church. They were able to get a medical helicopter to come and take the victim to the hospital for care.

Lawson was on the run until Friday morning.

According to WSAZ, Lawson was last spotted by the police on SR 141 near CR 52 driving a blue Chevrolet truck early Thursday morning. However, police lost Lawson in the woods when he ditched his truck, continuing his escape on foot.

He is described as 5’9″, 139 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Sheriff Lawless assured his people they would “get him,” and they did. According to WSAZ, he was apprehended by police Friday morning and is now in custody at the county jail.

The 23-year-old faces three counts of murder and one count of aggravated murder.

Neighbor Kyle Evans described the youngest victim as a “really sweet boy” in an interview with WSAZ:

“In the summer we would take him to Bible school with us to our church in town. We’re down here at this barn all the time, me and my kids, and my oldest girl would always play with Devin.

When something that bad happens this close to home, it’s hard to swallow. You see them basically every day and when somebody like that’s gone that you see every day and it happens this close to home, you don’t really know what to think.”

A father of three, Evans said he couldn’t imagine the pain Devin’s father must be going through.

Evans said he knew Lawson watched Devin as a babysitter “from time to time.” However, the relationship between the suspect and the victims and a motive as to why the crime was committed has yet to be confirmed.

Watch WSAZ’s story below.

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