In 2005, Jessica Share went to a sperm bank for her pregnancy while in a relationship with her female partner.

She never guessed that over a decade later, she’d fall in love with the donor who fathered her daughter, 13-year-old Alice.

According to ABC 13, Jessica and her wife split a few years ago. That prompted their daughter to search for her biological father on the DNA testing website 23andMe.

It wasn’t long before she found the identity of the sperm donor, Aaron Long.

Long started chatting with Alice’s mother, and they eventually agreed to meet up. Their instant connection was undeniable, he said:

“When we met in person, I don’t know — the attraction was even harder for either of us to deny.”

The two have since fallen in love. Jessica and her daughter now live in the same communal home as Long — and two other of his sperm donor children.

Long is the father to 21-year-old Maddie as well as Bryce, who is in the military, ABC 13 reports. He estimates that he could have as many as 67 children in the world.

But he’s not looking to be a father, he said:

“I feel like you know I’m not going to be these kids’ parents, but I feel like I can be their friends and I can be, I don’t know, just someone for them to look at and think about when they contemplate nurture and nature questions.”

Maddie noted that all the siblings have one defining feature, their dad’s nose.

The family will be featured in an upcoming documentary called “Forty Dollars a Pop,” which will follow their newly formed relationships.

For now, Long is just taking in all the changes. The father told the outlet:

“It’s kind of like I’m living in a science fiction story.”

Watch the video below:

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