Police officers risk their lives and face dangerous situations to ensure the safety of the communities they serve.

South Carolina police officer Travis Scott has been in those dangerous situations, but a recent incident almost cost him his life.

WPDE reported that Scott was shot in the line of duty along with other officers. After hearing about his injury, his neighbors jumped into action.

After being released from the hospital, Scott was surprised with a long line of neighbors waiting to personally thank him for his service.

Scott shook each of their hands as they offered gifts, hugs, thanks, and words of encouragement. One neighbor expressed how being in law enforcement was not a job for everyone. He told Scott that he is grateful for the protection he provides:

“Thank you. You do a job that I couldn’t do, and not alot of people could do. So we appreciate the fact that you’re willing to be there for us and take care of us. Thank you.”

Another neighbor offered to do lawn services for Scott.

Mary Lechner’s live Facebook video of the event now has over 21,000 views and counting.

Several officers were shot, and Sgt. Terrence Carraway was killed. 

Officers Brian Hart and Scott Williamson, Deputy Arie Davis, Investigator Sarah Miller, and Investigator Farrah Turner, all with the Florence County Sheriff’s Department, were also shot during the incident.

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