A Florida boy learned a lesson and gained a friend after calling 911 to say he was lonely.

On May 7, the City of Tallahassee Police Department shared the story on Facebook.

According to ABC7, the 6-year-old called the police without his mom even knowing he was on the phone. When the operator answered, the boy said that he was “upset” and “wanted a friend.”

In response, Tallahassee Police Officer Jon White arrived on the scene with a stuffed animal. Further, Officer White told the boy that he would be his friend and helped him tie his shoes.

Next, Officer White let his new friend sit in his patrol car and turn on its lights.

However, the fun came with a lesson, ABC 7 reports.

According to the police department, “Officer White took the time to explain how 911 is used and how it’s for emergencies.”

Many social media users praised the officer for his good deed and positivity.

One Facebook user commented:

Wow, I just Love This Story. Thank You Officer Joe White For Taking Time To Make a New Little Friend. What a Blessing you Made for this Precious Little One. So Awesome.

Another user wrote:

Now that’s cute! It’s nice to hear a positive story for a change! Blessings to that little guy!

Further, one woman thanked the officer for being a positive influence on the young man.

She wrote:

Thank you for your service. And what a wonderful example you are setting for this young man! Bless you

Lastly, before he left, the officer told the boy that “he’d always be a friend” and would check on him whenever he was patrolling the area.

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