In 2007, just 12 years after he was famously acquitted of murder, O.J. Simpson was back in handcuffs. And the former football star wouldn’t get off so easy the second time.

According to ABC News, Simpson decided to gather up some friends in September 2007 and rob two memorabilia dealers in their Las Vegas hotel room.

The former football star had been tipped off that the dealers, Al Beardsley and Bruce Fromong, had some of his old belongings that he considered “personal artifacts that were stolen.”

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Simpson, along with some armed accomplices, broke into the room and stole signed memorabilia from the shocked men.

Fromong later said he then went to the front desk to ask for the authorities but wasn’t taken seriously:

“…I said, ‘I need security. I was just robbed by O.J. Simpson,’ and they started laughing.”

Simpson would eventually pay for his crimes. In 2008, he was convicted on 12 counts, including armed robbery and kidnapping, and sentenced to between nine and 33 years behind bars. He’s been locked up ever since.

But now, the convicted robber and former murder suspect may be walking free. And he’s even getting some help from his former robbery victim, Fromong.

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“Good Morning America” reported that Fromong will testify in favor of Simpson at his parole hearing Thursday.

The memorabilia collector even told the New York Post that he wants his robber set free because he’s “done” enough time. He said that Simpson should have only received “between a year and three years in prison.”

And Fromong’s words, along with Simpson’s “impeccable” prison behavior record, are likely enough to set the former football star free, according to ABC legal expert Dan Abrams.

He told “Good Morning America:”

“O.J. Simpson was already granted parole on five of the 12 [charges]. So everyone now believes if you take what the parole board did previously, you think about the fact that O.J. Simpson still hasn’t had problems in prison — he’s probably going to get parole.”

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But legal commentator Nancy Grace argued that the parole board could take Simpson’s dark past into consideration because it’s not a “jury trial.” That includes the fact that in 1997, he was found legally liable for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Grace told “Good Morning America”:

“Am I the only one that remembers that ’97 jury that said he did commit double murder? That was civil jury, and it was a unanimous verdict.

This parole board can consider that as well. They can look at what that civil jury said. That jury said that he cut the throat of his ex-wife and stabbed Ron Goldman 30 times.”

The 70-year-old star has served nine years of his sentence so far, but he could be walking free as soon as October 1 if he is granted parole.

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