A video recorded in a Brooklyn SNAP office has gained national attention.

The New York Police Department apparently tried to pry a 1-year-old from his mother’s arms during an arrest in a food assistance office. The disturbing footage of the incident went viral after being posted to Facebook. And a mixed reacted to the video stirred a heated debate on social media.

NYPD said they were called after a 23-year-old mother, Jazmine Headley, was repeatedly asked by Human Resource Officers not to sit on the floor of the social services facility, reports PIX11.

Despite several requests from HRA Headley refused because there were no chairs available. She continued to sit on the floor with her son. Police say:

“[Headley] was then informed by police numerous times to leave the location, and she refused.”

A bystander recorded a group of police officers yanking her 1-year-old child from her arms as Headley was dragged across the floor. She’s reportedly heard in the video screaming:

“They’re hurting my son. They’re hurting my son. I’m begging you.”

Watch the shocking footage below:

So I’m At 275 Bergen Street Handling My Business Or Whatever & There Wasn’t Any More Chairs For This Lady To Sit Down So She Sat In The Corner On The Floor. The Security Guard Came Over Said What Ever She Said To Her & She Made The Security Guard Feel Dumb So She Called The Cops On Her & This Was The Outcome SMH Mind You She Had Her Baby In Her Hands The Whole Time??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ I'm So Fucking Disgusted with The NYPD?? EVRYBODY PLEASE SHARE!!! I’m a mother myself & I would’ve lost my fucking mind if this was me they would've had to kill me????

Posted by Asia Monae on Friday, December 7, 2018

Headley was charged with resisting arrest, acting in a manner injurious to a child, obstructing governmental administration and trespassing, reports NBC 4.

NYPD called the video “troubling” and said the encounter was under review. Patrick Lynch, president of the police union, said in a statement that the officers were put in an “impossible situation.”

The public shared their reaction online. Some commenters responded with outrage and wrote:

This is horrible and makes no sense. What was she arrested for??? Not wanting let go of her baby? This can happen to anyone these days. This is insane!

Wow! I am outraged! That poor baby is going to have trauma!

While others condemned the mom for putting her child in a dangerous situation. Some wrote:

Half a story here I reckon … why in earth would the woman hold on to that poor child so tightly. Let police do their job. Bunch of banshee’s gathered around screeching.

When she sat on the floor, she was in violation of Center rules, and when she refused to stand up, She was asked to leave. She was trespassing at that point, and subject to arrest. She put her baby in danger by choosing to be acting this way. The cops did what they had to do.

Lynch said:

“HRA centers must be safe havens for New Yorkers needing to access benefits to improve their lives.

I am deeply troubled by the incident and a thorough review was launched of the weekend to get to the bottom of what happened.”

The officers involved in the incident were placed on leave.

Headley was detained on separated charges of credit card fraud.

Her son is currently in the custody of his grandmother.

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14 Replies to “Footage of a 1-Year-Old Being Yanked From Mother’s Arms During an Arrest Has People Debating What’s Right”

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    A very unfortunate situation. Being elderly, I have been in similar situations where I really needed to sit down but no seats were available, or it was prohibited. In each case I was offered a seat by the guards on duty. I fondly recall an incident on the first floor of the Empire State Building. Sitting on the floor is prohibited there but I really needed to rest my old legs. I was invited into the guard’s office and given a chair. A big BRAVO! to those guards.
    Similarly, in the Rockville, MD, Social Security office which is always crowded. The guards are always working to help find seats for those people who are in need. A great big thanks to them also.

  • Len 1 year ago

    The mother was at fault. However the police should have never tried to tear the child from her. This could have been very serious if the child would have been seriously injured. The mother wanted to make a scene. That was obvious

    • LADYDAY 1 year ago


  • Ray Reid 1 year ago

    I wonder who will blame this on Trump? Or blame it on the NY Governor? NYC mayor?

  • Robert Reinhard 1 year ago

    The woman was asked not to sit on the floor. Apparently the office was crowded at that point. It’s hard for me to believe that there were absolutely no chairs anywhere around that could have been provided, just out of courtesy. Surely this is not the first time this office has been crowded. Also, the approach used by the police could have been different. Too many times the police march in, taking control, issuing orders, and expecting immediate obediance. Could a friendlier approach have been used, attempting to explain to her why she couldn’t sit on the floor, and that they were concerned about both her and her child. The question in my mind is this: In a hostile atmosphere, if a militaristic unit was trying to take your child from you without explanation, what would YOU do, in an attempt to protect your child?

    • MariaRose 1 year ago

      I have been in one of those offices and the wait is never short. You don’t get treated any different if you are polite or obnoxious but they do expect people to not sit on floors and block traffic. There are usually security people who walk around. The situation is similar to the process one goes through at a DMV office–you get on one line get a number after your paperwork is first reviewed and you wait to speak to a clerk (a very slow process). Being impatient doesn’t help but there’s usually more than enough chairs for everyone in the room as there’s an entry point prior which limits the number of people in the waiting area. Plus there are lots of babies in the room with strollers.
      By the way, I never qualified for any benefits, even after waiting and coming back for several appointments.

  • irene bouldin 1 year ago

    I would make sure my name was on “waiting list” I would inform them I was outside and keep checking for an empty seat…

  • Nancy 1 year ago

    A little conversation can go a long way. She didn’t rob a bank or commit a violent crime. No one was hurt by her actions. This seems to be a terrible amount of overkill on the part of the police. Do the NYCPD have no real crimes to be policing?

  • Bat Fang 1 year ago

    Someone could have brought her a chair from the back. I go to a dental implant specialist in Tijuana – too expensive in the USA – and the waiting room is small with two small couches. If they fill up and someone comes in, they bring out chairs for them to sit in. No issue.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Why not just obey the request to not sit on the floor? Its soo obvious that this woman wanted to start some conflict! Then, how could a mother use her child to perpetuate a situation where she was harming him by not releasing him? Child protection needs to become involved! This woman would seriously harm her child rather than obey the law! Everyone else standing around hollering should have been told to leave or been arrested for interfearing in the arrest of this woman who could have avoided all of this if she had just cooperated! So tired of all this black drama!

  • I Care 1 year ago

    No where to sit. I wonder if this will get that “Social Service” office to finally get more chairs? Maybe a bigger lobby so there can be more chairs? No police officer should have been put in the position that they were. Maybe New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, needs to do his job and make sure all Social Service offices have sufficient seating to prevent this from happening again.

  • trebor hcirdla 1 year ago

    Why doesn’t the woman get a friggen job so she doesn’t have to wait for the rest of us to come up with hard earned money for her through our tax dollars. She looked like she was more than capable of working and there are a lot of jobs out there! Friggen scum bags sucking off America’s Tits!!!!!!! I have absolutely NO sympathy for this leech!

  • MariaRose 1 year ago

    Please read all information on this situation before making any negative comments. I at first was very upset about how the child was in danger until I read the facts that weren’t shown in that very selective video. There were plenty of seats available but she chose to sit down in the space that blocked foot traffic, she refused to leave the spot on the floor and became very vocal to everyone, plus her child (infant) was in the stroller until she heard that the police was called. She knew she would be arrested (because of the outstanding warrant) so she then grabbed her child and assumed a ball like clutch around him, while still refusing to get up off the floor. Okay, she wanted to get some service from the SNAP office but refusing to follow REPEATED requests to get off the floor, didn’t serve any purpose. This all happened before the police were called to the scene. The video only shows what happened after because of the negative view of the police. The police also REPEATED asked her to get up off the floor and she got even louder in response and continued to stay in place which is when the person started to the video of the scene.
    Again get all the facts before reacting with comments.

  • Vee 1 year ago

    Really? No sympathy here. She’s ? for a lawsuit. Anyone who really cared about their child wouldn’t disrespect authority. She didn’t have to do the hollering and grandstanding because she wasn’t getting her free money quick enough. Bet she has more than one kid were supporting too! She needs to get a job and stop getting knocked up!

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Footage of a 1-Year-Old Being Yanked From Mother’s Arms During an Arrest Has People Debating What’s Right

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