According to Michigan mom Latasha Herron, her 4-year-old daughter is usually a happy and playful little girl, she WJBK.

So when she continuously came home from day care saying she was “sad because she had been put in timeout,” Herron began asking her daughter more specific questions.

Herron admitted that she didn’t think much about her daughter being put into timeout, at first, but when her daughter went into more detail about how she was being put into timeout, it infuriated her.

“I asked, ‘Did she hurt you?’ And that’s when she started saying, ‘She hurt my arm, daddy, and she dragged me into timeout.’ That’s the word she used.”

That’s when Herron grabbed one of her daughter’s teddy bears and asked the preschooler to demonstrate what the day care worker had done to her.

The mom of two said she was “livid” at what her daughter showed her. She immediately went down to Rosey’s Romper Room in Canton, Michigan, demanding to be shown the security footage from that day.

Herron described what she saw to WJBK:

“When I got there at 5 p.m., that’s when I saw the footage and I just lost it. I just instantly started crying. I was like, who does this to a child?

She dragged my daughter for about 100 feet to that corner where she slung her up against the wall. She shoved her to the floor, she took her right foot and kicked her in the corner — and you can see all of that in the window.”

She even watched as the day care worker grabbed a cot and threw it at the 4-year-old. The preschooler was then forced to sit in the corner, on the floor, for 45 minutes.

After confronting the day care about how the employee treated her daughter, management in charge of the day care responded by saying the worker needed more training, which didn’t sit well with Herron:

“She has been here six years. What is training going to do for her? Then [the administrator] said, ‘What do you want us to do?’ I said I want her fired (expletive) immediately.”

Herron is now requiring the day care to show her security footage each time her daughter was being looked after by the worker in question. The Canton police are also investigating the video.

Rosey’s Romper Room released this statement as a result:

Because this is an open investigation we cannot comment on any specifics revolving around the case. The care and safety of the children at Rosey’s is our number one priority. We are fully cooperating with both local authorities and state licensing.

Because of how her daughter has been treated in the past, Herron admitted that she is now terrified to leave her in someone else’s care. Unfortunately, because the mom needs to work to provide for her children, she has no other choice but to keep sending her daughter to day care.

Herron told WJBK that she made the security footage public because she wants other parents to know what their child could be going through while in the care of other people:

“Your children spend most of their day with these people vs. you and this is the love and attention they give to them.”

The worker has not yet been fired but has been suspended, pending the investigation’s outcome.

Watch the full interview with the mom below, via WJBK.

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