A decade after Caylee Anthony, 2, was discovered dead near her Florida home, the identity of her biological father remains a mystery. 

And according to a source close to Casey Anthony, 32, the mom may never reveal his name, People reports.

Throughout the course of the investigation, police tried to uncover the father’s identity.

Casey had initially told her family that the father was Jesus Ortiz, a 21-year-old she dated for a short period of time before he died in a car accident in 2007, according to InTouch.

Cindy Anthony later told the court that a man named Eric Baker, who also died in a car crash in 2007, was the father. But Baker’s mother denied it because she said he was too young at the time.

Jesse Grund, Casey’s former finance, took a paternity test to find out if he was the father— DNA ultimately ruled him out. 

Several other men, including Casey’s own brother, were also listed as the possible father. But no match was ever found. 

Justice For Caylee Marie Anthony/Facebook

Now, a source close to Casey says she’ll never reveal his identity. The source told People:

“I don’t know who the father was. She doesn’t talk about it. She will never tell anyone. She’ll take that secret to the grave.”

Casey has rarely spoken out publicly since she was acquitted in 2011 of her daughter’s death. The source said she’ll likely keep it that way:

“If she knows who the father is, she’s not telling. She definitely won’t ever say anything publicly. I doubt anyone will ever know.”

As Dearly previously reported, Casey is still living in Florida and hopes to become a photographer and private investigator.

She said that she’s now comfortable with who she is as a person. Caylee’s death still remains unsolved. 

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