Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban may have shared an awkward moment at the recent 69th Annual Emmy Awards, but that didn’t stop her from gushing about the country music star in Glamour’s newest “Women of the Year” issue.

The Academy Award-winning actress has been married to Urban since 2006, when they tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in Sydney, Australia.

The pair has two loving children together and seems stronger than ever. And now, Kidman’s opening up to Glamour about how her hubby has helped her stay emotionally safe during their 11-year marriage.

Keith Urban/Instagram

Despite having a tough exterior, Kidman said Urban always lets her show her softer side:

“Keith always says to me, ‘You stay raw and sensitive, and I’ll buffer things for you,’ which is a beautiful offering, He is always told, ‘You’re so tough,’ And he says, ‘That’s not what I want for you, Nicole. You don’t need to get a thick skin.’”

Kidman said having an outlet to be vulnerable has helped her open up emotionally in other ways. She told Glamour:

“I think for me, it’s about having a place that’s safe to nurture you, where the tears can be shed. That way I can actually go back open and curious and willing. And at times scarred and a little damaged, but not with a sword like, ‘I’m seeking revenge.’ Because that just doesn’t interest me.”

According to the Daily Mail, the couple plans to renew their vows at an upcoming ceremony in Hawaii, Kidman’s birthplace.

Kidman allegedly “popped the question” for a second time on Urban’s 50th birthday late last month — and perhaps that’s good timing.

The actress recently took some heat for planting a kiss on her “Big Little Lies” co-star Alexander Skarsgård during the Emmys, right in front of her hubby.

But based on her Glamour interview, the married couple seems to have an unshakable bond.

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