“Rehab Addict” star and mother of two Nicole Curtis has been fighting a messy custody battle over her 2-and-a-half-year-old son since she split from the boy’s father, Shane Maguire.

Her ex claimed the 41-year-old mom was only breastfeeding her son as an excuse to prevent him from getting more visitation; she has denied that claim.

Curtis said she only continued to breastfeed little Harper because he wanted to. But new court documents obtained by The Blast show the breastfeeding is coming to an end.

Nicole Curtis/Instagram

The mother of two previously received pressure from her ex and the court to bottle-feed her son, but she was unable to pump enough milk to fill bottles, according to earlier reports.

She eventually had to prove it and pump in front of a court appointee. She said:

“I sat in my living room with my shirt off, hooked up in front of a stranger to document that my body did not produce enough.”

She later emphasized it is the “child’s choice” when to wean off breastfeeding — and it seems that time has now come.

Nicole Curtis/Instagram

According to People, Curtis wrote in a recent court filing from Monday that breastfeeding is no longer an issue when it comes to custody. The filing reads:

Breast-feeding of the minor child does not interfere with [Maguire’s] parenting time. While [Curtis] is in the process of weaning the minor child, this is a complete “non-issue” in this matter.

The mother asked the judge to deny Maguire’s request for more visitation. He had previously asked for more visitation, alleging Curtis’s opposition to more parenting time because she was breastfeeding was moot, as their son “no longer needs to be nursed.”

According to court documents, Curtis said the current custody agreement is in the “best interest of the minor child.”

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