“Rehab Addict” star Nicole Curtis and her ex-boyfriend, Shane Maguire, have been battling over custody of their 3-year-old son for years.

As Dearly previously reported, Maguire claimed last year that Curtis was using breastfeeding their son as an excuse to get more time with him.

The mom also claimed that she had an “anxiety attack” when she had to give the toddler, Harper, over to her ex.

But now, the two have finally reached a custody agreement, Curtis confirmed.

She told People:

“As court records indicate, an agreement was reached. As a parent you do whatever you have to do to keep peace and calm for your child — this was best for our son.”

Curtis and Maguire will not share joint legal and physical custody of their son and “share equal responsibility and decision-making authority.”

After years of fighting, the couple also agreed to not “say anything in the presence of the child that portrays the other … in a negative or false light, or that will tend to discredit or damage the love that the child and the parents have for each other.”

According to Fox News, one parent will have the boy for five days of the week and the other will have him for two. They then swap days the following week.

They are also not allowed to change Harper’s appearance without permission from the other parent.

A rep for Curtis told Fox News that she’s relieved they have finally come to an agreement:

“The only thing Nicole has prayed for is peace for her family. Her children have always been her priority.”

The television star previously stated that she thought that moving her son between parents was “traumatic” for him.

Hopefully, the parents will find some peace with the new custody decision.

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