On July 15, Aaron Carter made headlines everywhere after a run-in with the law; he was arrested and charged with DUI, along with two other marijuana-related charges.

But Aaron, quick to tell his side of the story, was adamant he’d done nothing wrong, telling “Entertainment Tonight” that he doesn’t drink (for the most part) and that he certainly wasn’t under the influence of anything at the time of his arrest:

“I do not drink alcohol at all. I have a medical condition called hiatal hernia, which means I can’t drink. […] I’ll occasionally have a sip of a beer or something like that, but I can’t even drink IPAs. I can’t drink anything like that … I am willing to do a polygraph test. I take Xanax, Propranolol for high blood pressure medication, and I took oxycodones for my mouth.”

But many people have since expressed their doubts of not only Aaron’s sobriety at the time, but also his sobriety in general — including his brother Nick, a member of the Backstreet Boys.

Unfortunately, the result was yet another fight between the famous brothers and an emotional episode of Nick’s new show “Boy Band.”

After hearing the news of Aaron’s arrest, Nick took to social media to reach out to his little brother, saying, “I love u [sic] no matter what & if u feel the need to reach for help, I am here and willing to help you get better.”

Aaron, however, did not appreciate the message. He quickly tweeted a statement regarding his big brother saying his “help” wasn’t needed:

If my own blood (Nick) truly cared about my well-being, why wouldn’t he call me directly and have a conversation instead of making this about him through a very public forum? That’s not cool at all to use me for his PR and kick me while I am down. I love my family despite it through thick and thin.

Sadly, the two pop-star brothers are no strangers to feuding with each other in the public eye. According to E! News, that feud goes back 15 years…

In a 2016 interview with GQ, Aaron told the magazine that their problems began because of finances:

“When I turned 18, I got $2 million in trust-fund money, and I got $4 million in taxes my parents didn’t pay when I was 11 and 12 years old. I worked really hard for that money. My whole life. Up until I was 18. Doing thousands and thousands of shows, working and providing for my family.

When my brother was 18 years old, he was out of the house. Didn’t take care of the family. I started when I was 7 years old and I was a provider for my family, too.”


And from that point on, their relationship has been a roller coaster. Through bankruptcy, other financial troubles, their parents’ split, family rifts, drug and alcohol abuse, and death, Aaron and Nick have dealt with it all.

In 2012, their sister Leslie tragically passed away of an accidental overdose.

Nick did not attend her funeral.

He told TMZ at the time:

“I wanted to be at my sister’s funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic. There are so many emotions for me surrounding the loss of my sister. I am trying to stay healthy, positive, and focused.”

A year later, he told Dr. Phil, per E! News, that his family blamed him for Leslie’s death:

“I started to get blamed by the rest of the family. They were blaming me for the death. I felt it was unfair, especially with all the things I have done and continue to do for them. I became the father in a lot of ways, due to the fact that I was making more money than my father. I love my family. But there comes a point when you really have to ask yourself if you are helping or hurting them.”

Even as recently as March, Nick told “ET” that he is “still a little estranged from his parents.”

Sadly, weeks later in May, Nick and Aaron’s father, Bob, died unexpectedly. The two brothers mourned his passing quite publicly, but after their recent argument following Aaron’s arrest, it’s clear their brotherhood is still plagued with problems.

And in Thursday’s edition of “Boy Band” — a talent-competition show in which Nick serves as a judge — the 37-year-old couldn’t hold back his emotions when critiquing an act revolved around familial troubles.

One of the featured performances included an emotional interview with one of the singers; he detailed his painful relationship with his own father who has been in and out of jail his entire life.

Nick teared up when telling the performer he could very much relate:

“I understand exactly what you’re going through when it comes to having a hard upbringing in a family. No matter what happens, or what they say or do, you still love them.”

Screenshot/Entertainment Tonight

But the waterworks didn’t end there. Nick gave the young man an opportunity to send his father a message. His response was heartfelt:

“Dad, I love you, and I thank you for being the father that you’ve been. You’re the best ever.”

Although, sadly, Nick can no longer speak to his father on this Earth, it’s clear he wishes things were different between, at the very least, him and his brother Aaron.

Only time will tell if their relationship will ever mend.

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