For many parents, taking their kids to a store means worrying about their kids wanting everything in sight.

That’s exactly what happened when former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson took his younger daughter to the mall last week.

Luckily for little Kennedi, her father has been blessed with the means to give her everything she could ever want:

However, while Johnson may have the means to get his baby girl anything her little heart desires, that doesn’t mean he plans on giving her everything her heart desires.

To stress this, the father of six came up with a plan to teach her to not want as much.

He posted a video of his plan in action on Twitter:

He wrote:

When you shop for your kids make them carry their bags, they’ll think twice before picking up a bunch of stuff next time.

Many of Johnson’s Twitter followers thought the plan was pretty ingenious:

But some didn’t think little Kennedi was quite old enough to understand it yet:

How many parents out there plan to take this play from the parenting playbook?

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