More often than not, bystanders and Good Samaritans seem to always help out when someone is in need. But not only did onlookers fail to help an unidentified Pittsburgh woman, they also took selfies of her as she lay unconscious.

KDKA obtained footage from a nearby security camera that captured the incident, and news anchors were visibly shocked at what occurred.

The video shows a man standing on the sidewalk when a woman, whose identity is undisclosed, walked by. The man turned around and, seemingly without provocation, kicked her in the leg and punched her in the face, rendering her unconscious.

The man immediately walked away, but moments later, several passersby came across her body, which was curled into the fetal position on the sidewalk. Instead of helping her or calling 911, however, more than one person proceeded to pull out their cellphones and take pictures of her. According to KDKA, one person even got down on the ground next to her and took a selfie.

KDKA reached out to a local physician, Dr. Capretto, and he was appalled by the footage, saying:

“She’s lying there like somebody just hit a deer, is lying there on the side of the road. It’s like a sideshow in a circus. This is a human being.”

Additionally, sources informed reporter Marty Griffin that someone stole her own cellphone while she was passed out:

“They didn’t help her. They took what looks like her phone while she’s out cold.”

The woman’s mother told KDKA:

“They don’t treat animals like that. They wouldn’t treat a dog that way. … It’s disgusting. My daughter needs help.”

According to KDKA, the woman ended up lying on the ground there, with no assistance, until she regained consciousness and walked away.

But then, Griffin uncovered there was more to the story.

He found the woman in the video and soon discovered she struggles with a severe drug addiction, even having been arrested on drug charges several times before this incident. When Griffin approached her to show her the video of what happened to her, the woman became defensive and stormed off, asking for the cameras to be shut off as well.

Griffin said he suspected she was high at that time, and he then decided he was going to try to help her.

Shortly after the woman refused to speak with him, Griffin got ahold of her mother and asked her to come to where they were. Her mother rushed to the scene and physically ran after her daughter. She later texted Griffin:

I’ll do anything possible to help her, but I’m raising her daughter, and now her daughter has to come first.

I told her about you and offered to pick her up and take her away from this situation. She said if I didn’t someone was going to kill her. That’s why we are here … to get her help.

The woman later agreed to speak with Griffin. When asked if she wanted help, she responded:

“I would like it. But I don’t know what I need help for; I’m not sure at this point.”

Griffin told her he could get her into a rehab facility, and the woman’s mother said she would make sure her daughter went.

Now, thanks to Griffin, the woman’s mother, and medical attention, KDKA is reporting the woman is doing much better. Her mother subsequently texted Griffin the following:

OMG Marty! I’m just leaving rehab where I just left my daughter. I didn’t think I would really see this day in my life. I really don’t know how to thank you and Dr. Capretto. The police also were very helpful. I’ve never really experienced anything like this before. It really does take a village. Forever grateful to you all.

Griffin later said they believe the man who punched the woman knew who she was, saying:

“They truly wanted to kill that young woman.”

He said someone she loved died on the streets from heroin, and she started talking about it. Now, the woman is living in a monitored home, similar to a halfway house, where she is sober and still under the partial care of professionals.

Police are still searching for the man who knocked her out.

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