Over a week after Chris Watts was handed multiple consecutive life sentences after killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters, investigators are making more of their investigation public.

Most recently, the Weld County District Attorneys Office released portions of Watts’ interrogation.

Weld County Sheriff’s Office

As ABC News reported, some of that footage included Watts confessing to killing his wife in a fit of rage.

He said to one of the investigators:

“I just felt such anger that nothing, I didn’t feel anything else.”

Watts’ father, Ronnie, is also seen on the tapes talking with his son in an attempt to get the full story out of him.

Ronnie ask his son, “You lost it and you chocked her, or what?”

Watts responded, saying:

“Mhm. That’s rage…”

Ronnie could then be seen fidgeting in his seat following his son confession, before saying:

“Good God almighty, son.”

Through tears, Watts then reiterated his story to investigators, telling them that he killed his wife, Shanann, the same way she killed their daughters, Belle and Celeste.

Posted by Shanann Watts on Sunday, March 25, 2018

He said, “My babies are gone. And I put my hand’s around my wife’s neck and did that same thing.”

As ABC News reports, that would later turn out to be a lie after he pleaded guilty to killing his daughters as well.

As Dearly previously reported, investigators believe Watts’ motive for killing his family was so that he could have a fresh start with his mistress, Nichol Kessinger.

Kessinger claimed in an interview with the Denver Post that she didn’t know Shanann was pregnant with the couple’s third child during their affair, adding that Watts told her he was newly divorced.

Audio also released by the Weld County District Attorneys Office reveals Kessinger telling investigators that, saying:

“He lied to me because if I’d had known that he had a child on the way, I’d have never wasted my time with him in the first place.”

According to investigators, authorities found that Kessinger had been searching for wedding dresses in the days before Watts killed his family and that she had also searched for how much money Amber Frey had made for her book detailing the affair she had with Scott Peterson killing his pregnant wife after Watts confessed.

She continued by telling investigators:

“I’m still in shock that this whole thing happened. I, like, that’s why I gave him the benefit of the doubt for the first day cause I was just like no way. Like I didn’t even think about that. I mean murder was not at the top of my mind when somebody doesn’t come home for an evening.”

Ronnie is also seen asking his son if he told Shanann about the affair he was having with Kessinger before her death, but he said, “I didn’t tell her I had one, she just knew.”

Text messages between Shanann and Watts were also released. Many revealing Shanann confronting her husband about his lifestyle. According to ABC News, one text message read:

…while you are working and living the bachelor life, I’m carrying our 3rd and fighting with our two kids daily…

The newly released footage also shows Watts showing investigators where he specifically hid Shanann’s, Belle’s, and Celeste’s bodies at the Colorado oil field.

When asked why he took their bodies out of their home and hid them by, Watts said:

“I was scared. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Investigators also say in the hours and days after Watts killed his family, he called the school where his daughters attended to explain that Belle and Celeste would no longer be enrolled for the upcoming school year and that he also called a realtor in an attempt to sell their home.

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