Police had come to Daniel Krempl’s house in Washington state to investigate the death of a new mom.

But then they noticed the state of the newborn twins.

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As KOMO News reports, on January 17, Tacoma police arrived at the Krempl home. They were looking into the death of Maya Howard, the mother of Daniel’s 5-week-old twins. But while Howard was determined to have died from a stomach infection, the condition of the two babies raised other questions.

According to The News Tribune, Kaia Josie Krempl seemed sluggish and had symptoms that were similar to those her mother had experienced. She and her twin brother were taken to the hospital, where the truth about their condition came out.

Kaia had suffered a skull fracture, brain damage, and a broken arm and ribs. She spent weeks in the hospital before she passed away on March 17. The medical examiner ruled Kaia’s death a homicide, caused by blunt force trauma to her head.

Kaia’s brother also had several injuries, but eventually recovered.

Police arrested Daniel for assaulting his infant twins. Though he implied that Kaia had gotten hurt when her mother fell while carrying her on the stairs, the searches on Daniel’s phone told another story.

Not only did investigators find Daniel had searched for information about head injuries, but his internet history also included searches for “what do I do after I beat my infant” and “people beating infant.”

Daniel admitted to police that he had been caring for the newborns for several days after their mother became ill. He also described Kaia as a “diva” in contrast to her more “chill” brother.

Last week, Daniel pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Kaia’s death and second-degree assault for her brother’s injuries. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Kaia’s family and court-appointed advocate had asked the judge to give Daniel the maximum prison time possible. According to The New Tribune, Kaia’s aunt wrote the court, saying:

“The person who’s supposed to protect her, love her and guide her through life is the same person that caused her suffering and, ultimately, her death.”

She added that even the harshest sentence wouldn’t have been enough.

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