Charlie Brant is only four weeks old. But that’s about four weeks longer than doctors expected him to live.


As Kidspot reported, Charlie may not have even survived until birth if his mother, Samantha, hadn’t had a prenatal appointment scheduled. During the check-up, doctors saw something that made it essential to deliver the baby immediately. As his father, Layton, told Kidspot:

“Sam rang me hysterical saying the doctors are taking him out now, so he was born at 36 weeks. The doctors said that if Sam didn’t have that appointment, he probably would have been stillborn.”

Charlie was born on August 15. The next day, the newborn was taken to a children’s hospital for tests. That’s when his parents learned the heartbreaking news: their son has an extremely rare condition that causes blood clotting. He was born with clotting in his brain and most of his arteries and had only days to live.

At three days old, Charlie was removed from life support, and doctors told his parents he wouldn’t live much longer. But to everyone’s surprise, he did. Three weeks later, Charlie was able to move to a hospital in Canberra, Australia, so he could be closer to home and family.

On a GoFundMe page set up to help the family spend as much time as possible with Charlie, Layton wrote:

“Charlie does not look sick at all. He looks perfect and that makes it so much harder to understand for all of us.

It’s now up to Charlie how long he will be with us and from the courage and strength he has shown who knows how long that could be. He’s defied all odds thus far and surprised a lot of people.”

Charlie’s family doesn’t know how long they will have with him, so they’re trying to make every moment count. His father says they’ve taken their son on plenty of walks, gone out to lunch, and even went fishing with him. Layton wrote:

“Little Charlie is a fighter and he has been lucky enough to touch the hearts of most of our families. He has met all his aunties, his uncles and most of his cousins and he has left precious memories with everyone who has met him.”

Layton added that although it has been difficult, they are grateful for every day they have with Charlie:

“As sad and as hard as this has been for myself and Samantha, we are so grateful for these times and memories we have made with our son because some families aren’t so lucky and we will never forget his face, his smell, his touch, his hair, his nose and his 25 farts a day.”

Though no one knows why Charlie continues to defy the odds, Layton told Kidspot that he thinks that the love that surrounds his son has helped him keep alive:

“Life can be so unfair but all of the cuddles and love is recharging him. We are grateful to get the chance to spend time with him because some parents don’t get that chance.”

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