Even people who love Brussels sprouts have to agree they are a divisive vegetable. When they appear on the dinner table, sprouts are as likely to be surreptitiously scraped into the trash as greeted with delight.

This makes one wonder: What was The New York Times thinking?

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As Thrillist reported, the Times recently tweeted its suggestion for a dish it’s sure will be, “your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer.” The dish it seems to believe will leave your guests clamoring for more? Brussels sprouts sliders.

Only slightly less complicated (and baffling) than peanut butter slices, the recipe truly stretches the definition of a slider. The Brussels sprouts are roasted and split in half — they’re the “buns” in the slider. The “burger” portion is really slices of seasoned tempeh, along with mustard and onion confit.

The Times wrote that Brussels sprouts sliders are a “creative and fun” way to achieve “pure umami goodness” at your Thanksgiving table. But based on the responses to the recommendation, people with real-world Thanksgiving experience disagree:

In fact, some were outright nauseated at the suggestion:

In fairness, there were a few people who were interested in trying the dish:

But they were greatly outnumbered by those who could not fathom trying to serve Brussels sprouts sliders at a Thanksgiving gathering (or anywhere else for that matter):

What do you think? Would these sliders be welcome at your Thanksgiving table, or would you be throwing away a lot of uneaten Brussels sprouts?

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