Former wrestler Brooke Adams and her fitness professional fiancé Weston Wayne Piper were thrilled to join the TLC reality show “Rattled” to highlight their journey into parenthood.

Brooke found out she was pregnant soon after Weston proposed. Their son, Jayce, was born into the world on September 3, 2016.

According to a new episode of “Rattled,” Jayce was born three weeks early — and the new parents weren’t quite ready to make their first decision regarding the baby’s health.

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Brooke said during the episode:

“This is our first big decision as parents and because I came three and a half weeks early, we just weren’t prepared to make this choice right now.”

While in the hospital, Brooke and Weston went back and forth on whether to give Jayce the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Brooke originally requested not to have the shot given as she is a “health buff,” but later decided to move forward with the vaccination based on the recommendations from her friends and medical professionals.

After she got home, she was concerned after Jayce threw up while taking a nap.

In a Facebook Live video she posted after the episode aired, Brooke admitted that she felt pressured to vaccinate:

“I did it out of fear […] Just because the government puts things out there, or just because the pharmaceutical companies put something out there, does not mean it’s okay for you. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t side effects. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemicals and it shouldn’t be taken. Education is knowledge. Before you do these things to yourself and to your children, you should take a step back and do some research.”

She also said that one of her pediatricians dropped her after she made the decision not to give Jayce the MMR vaccine.

Posted by Brooke Adams on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

According to the World Health Organization, hepatitis B is a viral infection that can cause severe liver infections. It is a wide-spread illness that impacts an estimated 257 million people around the world.

The hepatitis B vaccine has been around since 1982. It helps prevent the spread of the virus, which is commonly spread through bodily fluids.

It’s unclear if Brooke got her son the rest of the vaccines on the recommended immunization schedule. But, based on the couple’s first decision, it will certainly be interesting to watch the fitness stars take on their first year of parenting.

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