You have probably heard of a prenup before, but now parents are signing baby contracts.

Reported by 6ABC News, new parents have come up with a creative solution to stop fights over parenting issues before they start a family.

Parenting is a team effort that’s why some couples said it’s important to explore baby-nups to manage newborn duties.

A baby contract is an informal agreement designed to discuss the expectations and duties set out for each parent before the arrival of a newborn. This way, both parents can share responsibilities and decide who is going to handle what during baby planning.

The concept also allows unmarried parents to come up with an agreement on how to raise their children and discuss disciplinary techniques, schooling, custody arrangements, and any other issues related to raising a child.

Some parents said the idea is ridiculous, however, others believe the baby contract is a good idea for couples who were never in a romantic relationship.

But many on Twitter said the signed document that splits up baby duties would never work for most families.

Essence reports, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Porsha Williams, tried to get her former boyfriend, Todd Stewart, to sign a baby-nup before having children.

According to Parade, many couples have implemented a baby contract during family planning.  Melissa Biggs told the website that when she and her husband were expecting their second child back in 2015, they discussed the idea. She recalled:

“I remembered how exhausting and stressful it all was when we had our daughter, especially since I was breastfeeding and a lot fell on me.

I consider myself a pretty organized person, so I decided to create a physical chore chart for my husband and I. We both sat down and divided up all the baby and household duties together.”

What do you think about baby-nups? Would they work for your family?

What terms would you put in your baby contract? Tell us what you think.

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