In October 2017, a new mom and her fiancé filed a suit against a hospital for negligence after she developed a life-threatening disease that led to all four of her limbs being amputated.

CTV News reported that Canadian mom Lindsey Hubley, 33, gave birth to her son last March.

The day after being discharged from IWK Health Center in Halifax, she experienced abdominal pain and was rushed back to the hospital. According to her lawyer, Ray Wagner, doctors didn’t perform an examination. In a news release, Wagner wrote that Hubley’s “sharp, distinct, abdominal pain” was dismissed as constipation and she was sent on her way.

However, the next day, Hubley’s pain and discoloration on her body worsened and she was again taken to the hospital. This time, doctors found that she had developed a flesh-eating disease called necrotizing fasciitis. Wagner said that Hubley developed the disease because allegedly, part of her placenta wasn’t removed at birth and because of a vaginal tear that required stitches.

Wagner told CTV News:

“Our allegations are that had she been properly assessed when she presented at the hospital … a substantial part of the damage, if not all of it, could have been prevented.”

According to the Washington Post, the mom went into “secondary septic shock,” a condition that led to “multi-system organ failure.” Her doctors deduced that she had group A streptococcal infection, which they believe might have stimulated/triggered the disease. The Post quotes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which states that the disease is “fast-acting” and “occurs when bacteria enters the body through an open wound.”

Doctors placed Hubley in a medically induced coma and performed an emergency surgery; the only way doctors could save her from the infection was to perform not only a total hysterectomy but amputate all four of her limbs below her elbow and knees. Hubley no longer has an infection, although, down the road, she will need to undergo a kidney transplant.

Wagner said that “she was very lucky to have survived.”

Hubley has been in the hospital since then, only leaving for short periods of time. Her fiancé, Mike Sampson has not been able to return to work; all of his time is spent raising the couple’s son, Myles, and staying at Hubley’s bedside.

He told CTV News:

“Myles and I make our way into the hospital pretty much every day to see mama. Our lives have been turned upside down.”

Sampson said that it was painful to have to leave Hubley in the hospital, night after night.

He continued:

“No mom should ever have to watch their fiance and their son walk out the door every night for over 200 days … Having her watch the two of us leave and her sitting there for the rest of the night by herself in the hospital is absolutely tortuous.”

Screenshot/CTV News

Her sister-in-law, Susan Hubley, told the National Post that even though she had difficulty speaking after being brought out of her coma:

“Cognitively, she’s incredible — she’s 1,000 percent. She has said she just wants this to be done so she can go home and be a mom. She’s being as strong as she can.”

CTV News

According to the National Post:

Susan and her family started a GoFundMe page about two days ago and had raised close to $51,000 by late Friday. She said the money will likely be used to help make adaptations to the home and anything else the couple requires when she is released from the hospital, which could take up to a few months.

Susan said that the family never imagined that something like this could happen:

“She was going to go on maternity leave, but now will go onto long-term disability …. She will have a long rehabilitation because of what happened.”

Sampson said that he’s amazed by his fiancée’s fortitude throughout the ordeal.

He told CTV News:

“She’s incredibly positive … She has an outlook that this process has taken her arms and her legs, but it’s not going to take her happiness.”

Hubley has a long road ahead to recovery, but the family is looking forward to when she can leave the hospital and start rehab treatment.

Watch the CTV News report below.

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