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New Father Drives Flaming Car to Roof of Hospital Garage to Spare Others. A Car Dealership Just Gave a New One


A Washington man said hello to fatherhood and goodbye to his car after it went up into flames in a hospital parking garage.

According to Inside Edition, Travis Trent, 24, was sitting in his car in the garage at the hospital where his girlfriend lay recovering in the maternity ward when the incident began.

Suddenly, the heater in his 2000 BMW 528 froze, and the blower motor “made a screeching sound.” Trent, a heating and air conditioning technician, turned the ignition off.

He said:

“I figured something bad was about to happen. Then smoke started to come out of the dashboard.”

When he opened the glove compartment, he said he could see orange flames.

Trent became afraid that he would endanger the vehicles around him, so he sped his ride to the roof of the garage. Once he’d made it there, he popped the hood and removed the baby’s car seat and his girlfriend’s makeup kit before watching the flames engulf his vehicle.

As Inside Edition reports, Trent said:

“I probably had a minute from the time it started smoking until it burst into flames.”

Fortunately, his brother works at a car dealership, where the owner had heard his story.

Nathan Craig, owner of Sunset Auto Wholesale in Tacoma, happened to have the exact same BMW as Trent’s on his lot and decided to donate it to him.

Trent’s brother, along with other staff members, came up with a plan to get him to the dealership. They told Trent to stop by and pick up some baby items. However, when he arrived, the new father was greeted by reporters who wanted to hear his story, and he was handed a new set of keys.

Trent was surprised.

He said:

“I’m overly grateful. I would never have thought this would happen.”

Trent says he often feels as though the whole occurrence was a dream and that while he appreciates the car, he’s worried it could happen again.

He said:

“It’s perfect. It’s a good car. But it kind of messes with me…because it’s the same exact car.”

As Inside Edition reports, his daughter’s name is Kennedy, and she is “healthy and happy and beautiful.”

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