Thomas Weldon insists his children are good kids, but his next door neighbor disagrees so strongly that she’s put in an alarm to keep them off her property.

As Metro reports, the 52-year-old single UK dad lives in a four bedroom house near the seaside in Babbacombe. Weldon has six children — all between the ages of 5 and 15 — and it’s the supposed behavior of the children that has ignited a war between Weldon and his neighbor.

Next door to Weldon is Lesley Cooper, who claims the Weldon family has vandalized her property and harassed her to the point that she felt the need to install a special anti-child alarm. The alarm emits a high-pitched nose that can only be heard by people under age 25.

Weldon told Metro that the sound of the alarm is excruciating and has left his children afraid to leave the house:

“The alarm makes them scream in pain, I even had to take my daughter to hospital because her ears didn’t stop ringing.”

However, Cooper says the alarm is legal and approved by the local government and police. She told Devon Live that she sees it as a necessity to protect her property from the children next door:

“It has been authorized because of the persistent nuisance which disturbs my residence by the family at the rear of my property in Princes Street. They have continually vandalized, harassed and made a complete nuisance of themselves. The authorities are still dealing with it.”

Weldon says he loves his neighborhood and doesn’t want to move, but claims the alarm is making their lives miserable. He told Devon Live that Cooper turns on the alarm whenever the children go outside:

“It’s an absolute nightmare. It’s driving us absolutely mad. My children can’t come out of the house and play; it’s like living in a prison. I have six children and they like to play outside. She even called the police when one of their balls banged against her garage twice.”

A former teacher, Cooper sees the alarm as a way to protect her property. She disputes Weldon’s claim that the alarm is on constantly and told Devon Live that, “The alarm has been on four times in three years because objects were being hurled at my property for a maximum of five minutes at a time.”

She added that contrary to being the “neighbor from hell” that Weldon describes her as, “I think I am a very good resident. I am an honest-living, concerned neighbor at all times and I wish others to behave likewise.”

Weldon’s landlady agrees with his description of Cooper as a difficult neighbor, saying that Cooper has complained about previous tenants as well. Meanwhile, Weldon wishes they could find a way to live pleasantly as neighbors.

In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, the dad said that he’d be willing to compromise on some neighborly ground rules as long as the alarm is switched off. He told ITV:

“I think my children are very well behaved and all the rest of the area thing my children are well behaved. I just think Lesley has a problem with me and my children.”

Cooper continues to defend the decision to put in the alarm and stressed to ITV that “the alarm is never on — unless, at the moment my property is being violated.” She added:

“I do think every person, and I’m sure everyone would agree, is entitled to peace and quiet in their own home. And I haven’t been given that.”

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